OontZ Angle Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone looking for a better, portable and cheap Bluetooth speaker – this can be the perfect solution. it goes well with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPads, Samsung Smartphones, tablets, and all other smartphones. You can use it with your tab or laptop too. Anything that has a Bluetooth function can harness the power of this stylish speaker.

OontZ Angle Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Basic info about the OontZ Angle Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • The perfect Bluetooth speaker for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy s4 and s3, Galaxy Note, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, HTC Droid and One S, Nexus 7, Nexus 4, and all tablets, Smart Phones and PCs
  • Amazing sound for music, movies, games & gatherings
  • 10 Hour rechargeable battery and incredibly Only 9 Ounces
  • Includes The OontZ Angle; USB charging cable; audio cable. The OontZ Angle pouch is not included and can be purchased separately

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The best thing is the price. you are getting it at half price. Just under $40 there are very few choice you can get for a bluetooth speaker. Personally I wouldn’t prefer any speaker cost me more than $100 and when it’s under $50 I need to check the sound quality first.

You can feel good after buying the speaker as it is just under $40 and the sound quality is good. There are so many happy customers who bought this device. You can see all the reviews in amazon, more than 1500 users have bought this particular bluetooth device. The connecting process can be a little tricky depending on the device you are connecting with. Though it shouldn’t give you much pain.

Depending on the device the range also differs. With HTC device it can go around 5 feet and with iPhone or LG devices you can use it in a radius of 10-15 feet. You can’t be sure until you connect with your mobile or other device.

Sound quality is simply stunning, most people said they didn’t except they can get such a loud and quality sound from a small Speaker like this. The speaker is not advised to use outdoor or in wet environment.

Problems can be found:

So, far it is so good except sometime the sounds breaks a little. Though I have seen that it occurs with some certain Bluetooth settings of your device and if there are other Bluetooth devices that are continuously pinging the speaker. Not many people reported this problem, so it might be their devices setting problem and not the speaker itself.

Actually you can use this device as an example, how good a small speaker can be in this price. Design, performance and price in all three facts it’s a win win offer.

Get the full info of The OontZ Angle Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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