The Legend of Neverland Android (RPG) Game
The Legend of Neverland

Game title: The Legend of Neverland

Game description: The Legend of Neverland features a fantasy world called Cabala. You entered the world and built your character over time. The flower fairies are going to accompany you throughout your journey. The main focus is to free the people of Cabala from various goblin-like creatures.

Author: GameArk Global

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Explore the animated world of Cabala to bring back peace

The very first appearance of the game, when I saw the ad on Instagram, looked cute. I saved the game name for later download. I was playing Genshin Impact. To my surprise, I discovered The Legend of Neverland is somewhat inspired by the Genshin Impact. The graphics are different; Neverland seems more cartoonized or manga-style (Gacha), but you can see the similarity in character development and fighting moves. Comparison will definitely come when you play the games side by side. Neverland has a more vast world area and more visual elements than Genshin Impact. In the Genshin Impact, you know what you’re doing and what the mission is, whereas in “The Legends of Neverland,” you entered a 3D world where you could roam much further and solve small kingdom problems one after another. The easiest thing is to follow the instructions in the top right corner and complete the missions one by one. You run to different characters, have a dialogue with them, earn coins, and upgrade your character. Actually, they will send you on different missions to save and bring peace to the Kingdom of Cabala. Do I love the game? Not that much. There are very few elements of surprise in the game. The game wants you to spend more time with it. It’s easier to follow the instructions and advance in the game. The mobile screen has too many display elements, which is annoying. You can get used to all the icons and menus after playing for a day or two. The initial loading of the game is long as it downloads a lot of game files. The good thing is the music; I can hear it for hours. Several users have complained that the game lags and crashes on their mobile devices. Although I haven’t faced any issues playing the game on my Xiaomi Note 11.


The Legend of Neverland is a role-playing game developed by GameArk Global. The game is popular, and much of the gameplay is similar to that of the Genshin Impact RPG.

The game is available both on Android and iOS platforms. If you want to play the game on your PC or Mac, try the BlueStacks app.

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