Call of Duty: Mobile - Game Review
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COD Mobile is an Action-Packed Game, Hard from the Beginning.

COD mobile is an FPS game that lets you play a combined “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops” experience on the go with an MP mode and a Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty was already a popular game among gamers. When it is released in the mobile version everyone is happy. You can play most of the characters and maps for free unless you need modifications. That can be bought with real money.

There are two types of money in the game. Game Credits and Coins. Game credits are earned when playing the game and coins are bought with real world money.

If you need some special item and can’t wait, you should spend money. Otherwise, you can play the full game for free.

The Battle Royale Mode is the most popular where you fight against other teams. A total of 100 players are dropped from a plain on a map. The last team survives to win the match. You can play alone or team up as a double or four people squad in Battle Royale Mode.
Initial release date: October 1, 2019
Engine: Unity
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Developers: TiMi Studios, Tencent Games
Publishers: Garena, Activision


  • Free to play
  • Great music
  • Swift gameplay with teams


  • Too many ads at the beginning
  • Confusing layout of the game control for beginners
  • Too many items and shops to consider
  • Complicated maps

COD Mobile is now more than one year old. After the release of the mobile version on October 1, 2019, everyone was happy. The mobile game lovers thought they are going to have a great game to play during the lonely nights and leisure period.

I am not sure how happy they are right now! More and more players are joining from every country but does the game still have the charm it had before?

A lot of things have been updated in the past year. New matches, rewards, weapons, items, and skins have been added to the store. But, as we checked on the PalyStore most new players are not happy.

They are complaining about the item prices and too many store items. Some say the game is not lag-free and hackers are ruining it. I guess there are always some people who will complain about their device problems on the game. Apart from those people, the game still needs improvement.

When you first start the game you will see 2 to 3 banner advertisements. Trying to sell you a battle pass or store items. You can also earn game credits by watching sponsored videos.

Now, I know that this is a free game and this is how they make money, but starting the game with an advertisement is kind of annoying to me. The more you play the game the more items you gain. Although this is a slow process and you can do far better when you spend real money.

The catch is that you can not overpower other players in the game by spending too much money. You will be matched with the players that are in the same level or weapons. This is a constant battle of the developers to keep the game fair.

Call of duty franchise isn’t new to gamers and they have good control over their PC and PS4 versions. The response and gameplay are much better than the mobile version in PC gaming.

You have to understand that on mobile you do not have a console attached and all the control buttons are hovering over your small screen. Your fingers are covering some of the areas of the screen too. So the visual is much lesser and sometimes device-specific issues are a concern for mobile gamers.

Activision has tried their best to get a market share of mobile gaming by this game. I would say they are not 100% successful, but to date, this is one of the best multiplayer action games I have played.

Call of Duty (COD) Game Play

The graphics are pretty good and I love their music. Apart from all the confusing control buttons hovering over your small mobile screen the game is great to play with friends.

Your progress in the game is slow if you do not spend real money but a lot of prizes are given if you continue to play.

I am not a pro player who plays for eight to ten hours a day. I am just another casual FPS gamer who would love to compete for four to five hours a week. So, when I start the game it seems a bit hard for me. Everyone else might have been practicing and knows the map. For me, it’s like just blind shooting and raw instinct.


I know that it is not fair to compare a console game with a touch screen game. The console has its advantages whereas in the mobile platform COD has got its portability.

I should compare it with other touchscreen games like PUBG!


So, is COD better than the popular PUBG Mobile?

During the PUBG Mobile game, a match ends in 30 minutes. Most of the time you are running, hiding, picking up loots, and trying to hide and shoot.

COD is a bit shorter. The circle ends within 20 to 25 mins approx. I guess the map is also smaller than PUBG so after landing players start to fight immediately. So, in a sense, PUBG wastes more of your time while COD is in action from the beginning.  

COD is action-packed, while in PUBG you can plan and then engage. 

PUBG is also action-packed if you are an active player. There are few places on the map where most players land and start the fight from the very first minute.

Also, there are new short time matches are introduced with a smaller map in PUBG.

PUBG has more active players and tournaments than the COD mobile, PUBG wins at this point.

The learning curve is a bit harder in COD, but almost similar to PUBG. I like the cleaner interface of PUBG mobile. You can start learning the game while playing and it’s fun.

While COD starts with a pro gaming approach, if you do not learn the controls and maps then you are not going to love it. You can play against bots and sharpen your skill before the actual match. Let’s do it first before you jump to play live matches.

If you compare the features and graphics of PUBG Vs COD, THE COD Mobile wins. The battle royale is almost the same approach as PUBG but from para-jumping to searching for weapons and reviving your teammates COD has a better approach in all sections. 

The controls for firing and running is simple and there is not much competition between the two games. 

Destroying enemies in several ways as you did in the COD console or PC is integrated into the mobile version too. You can drone attack, search in the map in real-time for tracking enemies, creating healing point, all these are absent in the PUBG mobile.

COD is like the best FPS game packed in mobile!

Basic Tips to Play COD

There are a few tips you should follow while playing. Let’s discuss some of them.

Your Device and Internet Connection

Whatever people say a good device and steady internet connection is needed to compete in the battle royale mode. If you have a laggy device you can’t win. If your internet connection is not good you will feel lag in spite of having a good device.

Custom Control

Make sure that your shooting mode is selected as advanced. In advanced mode, you select the shooting time instead of automatic point and fire. This is a necessity to play smoothly and avoiding confusion. Also, customize your button layout depending on your comfort and screen size.

Not all devices use the same display, so the touch screen sensitivity is not the same for all mobile devices. You should increase or decrease the touch sensitivity in your control settings.

Use a Headphone

To get the best experience you should use a headphone. You can hear the footsteps, help call, and firing sound more accurately that will help you win team matches more easily.

Increase Screen Brightness

Increased brightness will decrease the battery life, but in-game it will help you to mark enemies from a good distance. It will help you to shoot your enemies a bit faster too.

Upgrade Weapons

You can upgrade your weapons in COD at a gunsmith. Check the weapon rating and upgrade them when available. The firing rate, magazine reloading time and shooting mode, etc can be customized. These help a lot during gameplay.

You Can’t Hide

There is no hiding in a multiplayer battle. So keep moving and keep changing your places while shooting. Your sidearm MW11 – or M1911 can do much damage from a close distance, keep that in mind.

Often the opening is better if you can start by throwing some grenades. This should give you a panic advantage. It’s harder to charge grenades in the mid of a fight, but it’s easier to through at the beginning.

So, what is your favorite pro-tip for COD gaming, share it with the world! Happy gaming!

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