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PUBG Mobile Game Review

One of the best first-person shooter game I ever played. This is a mix of strategy and common sense, the rest is up to your skill of fighting on unknown terrain.
You collect your arms and ammunition then fight to the last man stand.


  • Good Graphics
  • Easy to handle
  • Free to play
  • Super fun


  • Server lag
  • Couldn’t play the original version
  • Keeps hanging in the loading screen

PUBG has taken the world in a storm like the angry birds when they first released. Everyone around you is playing the game either on mobile or PC.

The game itself is full of violence, but it is suitable for kids over 13. The core concept of the game is survival while killing other competitors and gathering items from different locations in the game.

A strategy building gameplay where you roam in the map. It can be very addictive in time. You need to show your concentration and skill.

Playing is easy and you do not need to try hard to get the control. The game itself doesn’t have any strong language, but the players can chat with each other.

PUBG Mobile

There are not many differences in the mobile version.

You parachute in the island with 99 other players and start scavaging armors and stuff. The last man standing wins.

Before writing anything about the mobile version, I thought why not playing the game for an hour or two. You can see the game-play video below. I used an (8Gig RAM) one plus mobile to play.


I am not sure if it is the mobile or the internet connection I was using, I couldn’t start the PUBG original mobile version. I had to download the PUBG lite version.

It might be a ping problem, but I think the devs should keep an eye on this matter.

I have played other first-person shooting game on the same device before without a problem.

On a second try after uninstalling and installing the game again, this time I could play.


How is the game?

PUBG is a very addictive game. I haven’t tried the tutorial and started playing the game from the first instance. It took me less time to get the handle of the game than I thought it would.

The control, graphics, and very clean music, everything is pretty addictive. The core concept of the game is to roam and survive in unknown terrain. Your combat skills and common sense is your best friend.

The game itself doesn’t have any strong language, but other players are free to talk. The blood and kill everything is pretty neat.

Those parents who are very anxious about your kids playing PUBG, I have a message for you, this is a very cool game and there is nothing to worry about.

Just one thing to remember this is a very addictive game and it’s interesting, pretty hard to resist not to play the second time.

If you saw the gameplay video, you can see I didn’t do well in the first attempt. But, I am comfortable in the second and third try. I will definitely play this game again.

So, what’s your say about PUBG?


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