Rise of Civilization Android Game Review
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Rise of Civilization Android Game Review

I am very much fond of android strategic games. Specially the games where I have to build a city and civilization from zero, then I can go to war and conquer the Map.

Every civilization game I played on my mobile or other android devices had their own timeline and resembles with some other game.

The Rise of Civilization has also some similarity in the story line like some other civilization games out there. But, the map and story line videos have different approaches. I somewhat likes it.

Not going to give it 5 out of 5, but it can be a good past time. You need to play about 10 hours before you can fully adjust with the game. After a level it started to feel boring with the music and too much details on the screen.


  • Free to start the game
  • Good video instructions
  • Easier to start at the beginning.


  • Upgrading the commanders is painful when your level is up.
  • They have no confirmation when you spend gems, be careful
  • Boring story line

Rise of Civilization is from the Lilith Games. They are a Hong Kong based company. The game app size is initially 42MB when downloaded from the Google Play. It’s rated for 3+, so suitable for everyone. Although I do not believe that it’s kids game.

It is listed as a free game, but the in-app purchase is necessary after a certain level.

Each civilization games like this have their own big servers to maintain the game worldwide. The devs are always busy to maintain and expand it. The more player joins the game, the better the earning opportunity for them. Servers and up-time for the game are good but, it has a problem like people facing with buying and spending the gems.

You need to be very careful when you purchase gems in the store. They do not have a confirmation option for spending your gems.

When you have a storyline to follow in a strategy game like this, you need to keep the players busy with random and new events. The Rise of Civilization also lacks integrity here. After one player has explored the whole map, there are no more interesting things for you. Which is disappointing.

When I started the game first, it reminded me of the Age of Empire game. Although more glossy screen and the live map is a bonus in this game. Fighting in the live map is mostly a new thing in the android game. Hat’s off to the devs for the idea. But, you know what it is not as interesting as you thought.

I had seen much better live action on COC & Dominations. Especially if you compare this civilization building game with Domination, then Rise of Civilization is a shitty game.

Less attractive music, too many details for a first timer can ruin the gameplay. Once a gamer is familiar with your game then he might love to play it, but before that, I will quit.

The units and houses in the Rise of Civilization need more details and devs should make it easier to identify which building is what. They look almost similar to me unless I zoom. Once upgraded the structures are taking shape.

The game does not need much space, but you need to have at least android version 4.2 or above and more than 2GB RAM for swift gameplay. On a smaller device, the touch response is not good enough. If your screen size 5.5 inch you can play easily. Tabs are good for strategy game like this.

Especially, at a time when I was trying to upgrade buildings and it always sends a signal for alliance help. I didn’t need help at that point. They should stop showing help icon on buildings when upgrading.

Upgrading the skills of your commanders can be a pain in the ass when your city level is up. Earning experience points is much harder as you approach further in the game.

The most annoying thing about this game is the music. There is no variation and feels like gloomy to me. I am not feeling like building a civilization with that music. It’s more like I am on the beach and fighting.

Tips for first timers

  • Increase the soldier number and train more if you can.
  • Upgrade your military buildings quicker than other buildings.
  • Fight with the barbarian as many times as you can, this will give you experience point.

lastly, Don’t ignore the alliance call. First, build your city then do think of others.

Game play video of Rise of Civilization:

I haven’t tested the game in android box yet. Hope it will look good on the big screen. In the following video I have recorded one and half hour gameplay.

Lilith Game has some other good quality games in the app store. you might want to try them also.

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