Epic Seven Android (RPG) Game Review
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Great Role Playing Game that Needs Super Patience

Diche, the Goddess of Life, summoned all of her waning power and once again gave shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. The story revolves around a fallen world Orbis. It is attacked by the demons, and our hero Ras, the heir of the covenant, has to save the world. This is not the first time the Orbis has been attacked, and it is happening time and time again.

Ras starts to learn his skill after getting up from a 20 years nap. Along the way, he makes friends and heroes to complete the tasks.

This is an anime adventure RPG played in a 2D environment.


Company: Smilegate Megaport
Genre: RPG


  • It is free to play
  • Easy game instruction
  • Lively graphics


  • You need to download a large patch before you start the game.
  • Too many information on a small screen

Do you love Manga and anime characters? Then this is the game you should try.

I am not into anime cartoons and Manga characters, so when I dislike any game like this, it is because the game is buggy or not clear instructions is given at the beginning.

Epic Seven is a cool 2D anime game. I played my first hour and beyond without any problem.

The Archdemons attack the world of ORB, and you need to band with your hero friends to save the world.

In the beginning, there is long storytelling going on, so you do not miss why you are fighting and what you need to do. At least this game has a clear indication of the plot. But, it is nothing unique like other RPG games. I have seen this demon slaying RPG plot a lot.

If you consider it from the viewpoint that it is a mobile game and you are getting nice animated graphics and detailed instruction, then the game passes the star ratings.

I always play games on a good device, so I feel the lag or graphics issue very few times.

Apart from the good graphics, I also love the music of the game. The combat is turn basis. You know when the next hero will attack and when the enemy’s turn comes in. So, you need to strategize your moves carefully. Attacking a strong demon at the beginning and leaving the weak ones would give you a better chance of surviving.

Heroes are upgraded automatically after the fight. You need to band with them before each stop on the map.
The navigation and game buttons are pretty basic. You just need to tap and hold on the side of the screen to forward. Then when you see enemies, fight buttons appear with ability. Sometimes you can collect the soul power that gives an extra boost to a hero’s ability.

There are too many instructions on the screen, but fortunately, everything is pretty simple, and any noob gamer like me can clear the stages without a hassle.

Epic seven is a good game, but it could be great without all the annoying screen display and text every time. You can play a decent amount of time with slow progress for free. Want to get going faster, then buy credit.


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