Ever Legion Android RPG Game

Game title: Ever Legion

Game description: This is the story of our heroes of Nevria.The army of "Deathless" spread the horrors throughout Nevria, increasing mutual conflict and suspicion among humans, orcs, and elves.You go out on an expedition to save your family from being converted into undead creatures. However, as your trip progresses, you realize that thousands of "Deathless" are merely pawns in the hands of the Necromancer Balor...As the narrative progresses, you can summon great hero combinations from all races and faiths to assemble your squad, take on powerful adversaries, and uncover another evil entity lurking in the shadows.


  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Price

Ever Legion is an easy to play RPG game

After you watch a promo and download a game, you have huge expectations. Simmer it down, boys. This is not the exact game that is advertised. Or, at least, what I thought.

The game is interesting, and I have played around twenty RPG games before this one, so I was expecting more of a nice story line. The game is vertical on your mobile screen; this is very disappointing for me. I know many of you might not bother, but I do not feel comfortable holding my phone like that while playing a game.

The graphics are pretty OK, but the music could be better, and sometimes the volume is a bit high. You can set that music in the settings, though.

At the beginning, there is a lot going on the screen. If you are playing for the first time, I would suggest going slow and turning off the auto mode. Read and learn what is going on. otherwise you might not concentrate later.

The initial aim is to build a good team of five warriors and level them up as you progress. The developers are very generous in the beginning, and you will be showered with gits and bonuses; later, it will be slower.

Do I want to spend money on this? I am not sure. There are plenty of better games than this one. But Ever Legion is easy to play, and that might have caught most people’s attention.


  • Free to play


  • Vertical screen display
  • Loud music


Ever Legion is an easy to play mobile fantasy RPG. The game is developed by WESTLAKE TECHNOLOGIES CO., PTE. LTD

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