Life is becoming buys and it’s not easy to find enough time to spend for entertainment now. A good thing is we can carry devices like android or iPhone to make the most of our little free time. I have played so many games in the way to my home, in bus or when waiting for someone in the office. Thanks to android for that. Now here are the 4 best game I think you can try to pass the time.

01. Age of empire

This one is a very addictive game and you have to be a strategy game lover to play it. The game on PC is totally different from the one on android. In PC version you played in graphical mode and on android everything is statistics but you can feel the rage and anger of defeat or win when completing each task.

If you can play well according to rules you might be the top of the chart. I remembered that i spent 100$ on coins just to beat an Italian guy who was constantly attacking my fields and mines. As I said they game gets more interesting as you are competing against the real world peoples. This is the best mobile strategy games I ever played :).

02. Temple Run

Fun and awesome when you have enough time to loose your temper. You can easily compare this too a third person game. Running, sliding jumping and staying away from all the death traps and the giants that are chasing you. I skipped the game intro as most of the people. The graphics and speed of the game is awesome if you have a good device.

By the way- I love the temple run-2 between the 4 temple run games I have played. It’s not because it is free but the game itself is addicting.

03. Angry Birds

This might be the most played mobile games in the world. ROVIO is the creator of this game and I am still playing on of the series-“Angry Birds Space“. Easy to play and super use of physics and real life objects has made it more interesting. The game is addictive and has cool sounds track. I have seen very few people who has android and haven’t tried to play the game at least once. It is a good choice to spend time.

04. Fruit Ninja

This game can seem a stupid game where you slashes fruits that is thrown over from the bottom. Easy to play and no ultimate goal is defined here. Only scoring can’t make me play a game for 2-3 hours but somehow this game did that. Whenever I get time I like slashing fruits :). May be the easy to play interface and concentration that is not hard to give make this game so popular.

It’s worth of a dollar to buy the paid version of the game. that will remove the annoying ads and some more cool features. Still I don’t know exactly why i play this game very often. May be I like slashing things :).

So, these are the  4 best android games I have played till now- what game are you playing recently. Can you share them in the comments please?

What's your thought?