I am a fan of free running or street jumping since the “Casino Royal“. That was the greatest chase of James Bond Movie I think. If you are like me who likes this raw jumping, bending and feel like you are chased by thousand ninjas then this is the game you should try at least once. It’s called the Vector.https://lh4.ggpht.com/pwnwLlHTlgfGgIORkfITL4NrowBMzH7tlQY-3rWcvs2e3Maas6O-UCGXrYhn087CpN0=w705

Have you played the Temple Run? In there you are chased by the demon as a character.  That was kind of animated glossy fun. But “Vector” is different from that. It’s raw running and feels like freedom is coming towards your way. More exciting, fun and strong game where the character is chased by his big brother who wants to bring him back from his freedom.

In the game play you will  run, vault, slide and climb using the technique of urban ninja sport of Parkour.

And the animation will sure won your heart. here’s the game demo video-

I am plying it for last two days and it is very addictive. 🙂 Get it from Google Play.

What's your thought?