Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
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A Game with less focus on the users feedback

After playing this game my feeling is this a perfect example of how a good concept can get horribly wrong on so many levels.

You can’t rotate your screen, you can’t zoom out much, you need to scroll a lot and most probably you need to pay up to compete.

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is developed by Long Tech Network Limited. They have only one other game in the Playstore. So, the company is not that much serious about the gaming business.

This game is advertised as a multiplayer strategy game. Although their tagline is saying real-time, but I do not believe it is real-time. More like a clash of clans thing.

You have built your stronghold and army then attack others. Almost all the strategy game or castle building games are of similar type. No big surprise or upgrade I have noticed than other games. It’s not distinguishable.

The game didn’t prompt me to connect any account with my Google Play. I just choose a server then started to play.

The instructions are easy and understandable. Graphics and music are sober, but not up to the level. What more you can expect from such a strategy game? There were no big strategy games developed after the Age of Empires. everybody is using those keywords to attract people, but it’s harder to deliver such quality with small budget games.

Game Play

In the beginning, you are going to love the game for its clean layout. but, the most annoying thing is the screen doesn’t rotate and you have to play the game vertically. Whereas most of the strategy games are on a horizontal view, this game is exceptional. Seriously guys…. why you do not make the option available to rotate the screen?

Every time you need to scroll from left to right to get the view of your buildings and the castle items. Also, the zooming level is at it’s worst. You can’t zoom out to see the full area. Who does that nowadays?

If you are a streamer, then this is not the game you would like to stream. Your viewers will not get the full view of your screen. Guys, please fix this.

There is a dragon egg, that was new for me. Your dragon keeps upgrading and the size is getting bigger after each upgrade. The dragon can help you speed up your building process.

You have limited options to choose a layout for your kingdom.


Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire starts with clear and small instructions. In the beginning, you can play the game easily. After an hour or two, you will notice that upgrading your buildings takes a much longer time. You have very limited options to speed up the process unless you pay.

The main focus of the devs of this game is to earn some cash. This is not a user-friendly game. The music becomes a monotonous melody when you have to wait longer to see your units are upgrading.

You need coins and resources to get the upgrades, so collect those as you do in other strategy games. The fighting is not in real-time like the COC. More like you see a pre-recorded graphics on the map.

Nothing much you can do if you can’t pay. Keep your card ready 🙂

If you have installed the game on another device, you need to play the intro again to get to your saved game. This is just horrible. Sometimes it won’t even let you start from the old game. This bug should get fixed soon.

There are no special tips for this game. You pay and you play a shitty game.

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