Hills of Steel Android Game Review
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Overall Performance

Hills of Steel is a fun game for kids and adults alike.

Hills of Steel reminds me of the old days of PC gaming like “metal slug”. It’s a 2D game with high physics implement. You ride a green tank and start blasting your way to the winning point.

At each stage, you need to defeat a boss or armored tank. Your rank and tank both will be upgraded after each win :).

The game is fun, but not too much addictive. Any age of people can play this game. What I would say is, it is a good pastime.


  • It’s free
  • You learn the basics super fast
  • You can progress in the game without spending money
  • Good background graphics


  • The music is annoying and too much loud
  • You need to watch ads to repair you tank and stay one the game.
  • Force ads you can’t skip


This game is very much likable by the kids and adults alike. It’s easy and fun, what more you want from a 2D game?

The gameplay is simple, you ride a tank and blast your enemy in front of you. There are physics involved in the game. Like after releasing each shell there will be barrel recoil and when you are moving on the slopes you need to be careful about the speed, etc.

At first, it might seem funny and make no sense with the control of the tank, but you are going to love it. It took only five to seven minutes for me to learn the basics.

What I didn’t like about the game is you need to watch ads or buy coins to repair your tank in the mid of the fight. Although, it is a pretty slow pacing game and you have enough time to move forward or backward to dodge your enemy. There is no time limit for engaging the enemy.

There are several gaming modes, you can play 1vs1, or team up with your friend and attack someone from online matching. Then there is a classic version where you clear up one stage after another.

Overall this is a promising 2D game that can go far, but you have to ditch the force full-screen video ads. Sell more coins and upgrades in-game instead.

What's your thought?