Garena Free Fire: Rampage Android Game Review
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Performance

Cool.... but not so cool

You are dropped on a remote island with another 49 players. You are free to roam and shoot anyone. The last man standing is the winner of the match.

You will love the music and PC like graphics on your mobile screen. It’s not the best game I have played, but it’s a good time pass.

Release date: September 30, 2017
Developer: 111dots Studio
Type: Multiplayer
Publisher: Garena Int. Private Ltd.
Game Engine: Unity
Genre: Battle royale game


  • Good graphics
  • Soft music


  • Non-responsive buttons.
  • Slow gameplay

If you are a PUBG player then there is no way you are going to like this game. The game isn’t fast pacing or have a super shooting effect like PUBG Mobile. It has its charm though. After playing two hours continuously for the first time I was having the feel of playing a PC game.

The timeline of the game is simple, you are dropped ina deserted island with 49 other players. You can run, hide, and explore the vast terrain, collect weapons, and shoot anyone you wish. The last survivor is the match-winner.

The drop is pretty realistic and you will love the view from the top. The music is soothing on the ear.

What I don’t like about the game is its graphics. The graphic is smooth, but it seems like I am playing an old GTA game. The movement is slow and sometimes the buttons don’t respond.

It was once the top game now declining each day. If you are a bigtime PUBG player then there is no way you will like it. PUBG game physics and shooting effects are way better than this.

Also, weapons and ammo are very much confusing. I wasn’t sure which one I am taking and what is the ammo for that. There should be a clear marking of the weapon name and ammo.

If you are a left handy that’s good. Otherwise set your controls first before playing the game. You can’t shoot and move at the same time while playing for the first time. The shooting layout is also a little bit odd. But, you will get used to it.

Let’s check the gameplay video.


The action you can enjoy and the graphics that are smoother on eyes (but slow), this is my conclusion for this game.

What's your thought?