Age of Warring Empire - Android Strategy Game
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A promising game gone to the wrong path

This game has passed a long time in the play-store. The game doesn’t felt like it was in 2015. I tried to concentrate but too many new features introduced, which is a good thing.

The most annoying thing was the music. The devs should at least change the music to a better one that soothes the ear.

The recent reviews on the Play store are not also good. People are complaining about not getting support.

What happened to this game is sad. A promising start went wrong for lack of support and development.


  • Nice Graphics
  • Faster loading
  • Easy to understand and advance in the game.


  • You need to spend money to advance at a certain time.
  • Compatibility issues with some devices.
  • Boring game-play comparing to other strategy games in the store.
  • Annoying music.

As a kid, I have played the Age of Empire several times on my PC. The PC version to me was superbly addictive and amazing. I still remember those days when I played for the whole day [and I mean it].

Anyway, as my business started I have forgotten to play these time-consuming games.

I was looking for similar games on the Playstore, but couldn’t find much that can recall my memory.

But, I found this game the Age of Warring Empire. I remember playing this game back in 2014. At that time there were very few games like this. Good graphics, maps, attacks, heroes and everything you can get on your android mobile.

Now last week I installed the Age of Warring Empires from Google Play again. I was looking for the same excitement I had five years back. Nada… Unfortunately this time the game disappointed me.

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t sure how it is going to be on my device. The AOE game I played on my PC is far better than this and there were live developments as you progress in the game. But, this is nowhere close to that AOE.

After the first hour of playing this game when I have already learned all the menus and places, I started to like it a bit. Not bad, also not great. There are far better strategy games than this in the play store. The devs seem to abandon the game in 2015.


This is a server-side game. After installation from Google Play, you enter the game as a guest and are assigned to a random number. Later you can register a username and email address. This is necessary if you do not want to lose your levels in game play or want to purchase some items with real money.

Before you start the game there might be a prompt box to input your invitation code. These are from other players who already joined and if you input the invitation code both of you will be benefited. You might get 10 Gold coins which is very much handy in the game. So this is better to enter the code at the beginning. You will not get another chance to input the code.

The graphics are good and it hasn’t still hanged on my device or slowed down other apps for a while. Runs smooth and I am now playing it for 2 weeks.


– The most valuable thing you need is gold so try to input the invitation code at the beginning.

– If you cross 3rd level you will get gold coins as a reward. I mean when your city improves to level 3, 6, 9 etc.

– Try to increase the technology and mining at the very beginning and this will help you to create more army from the barrack in time.

– Don’t go to fight with anyone first. Just stay in your city and don’t join to any aliens too.

– Increase your warehouse level so excessive resources can be saved. use your resources to level up the city up to 4 and then try to increase the army as many as you can.

So, I am still in the games 2 weeks and I am gonna play it for the last. There are so many players online with whom you can chat, attack and fight – this is just another cool thing I am doing right now.

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