"Cookie Run: Kingdom" - Android Game Review

Game title: Cookie Run: Kingdom

Game description: In the distant past, After the chaos of iron and flame subsided, many creatures baked by the Witches scattered across the world.Among them were the Five.Five Cookies, graced with Soul Jam of the purest kind. Wise and powerful, they rallied others to their cause. As kings and queens, they ruled the Cookies, bringing in a golden age of peace and prosperity. But this age was not fated to last.A harbinger of darkness appeared and let shadow and evil infest the land. And once more, the world erupted into chaos. But the five Cookie heroes, guardians of peace, have risen. Twilight falls, and the war for the Cookies' destiny has begun.

Author: Devsisters Corporation

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Price

An Entertaining Game

The game is pure fun. It’s almost like any other city-building game except you are playing as a cookie. In the beginning, you will be given a piece of land to create your kingdom.

Upgrading your cookie castle and collecting cookies will give you more HP to expand the kingdom. You can also fight with other enemies in a team to gain resources and advance in the game. Also, like in other RPG games daily tasks are given to gain resources.

I am not sure if I will play this game for long, it’s not addictive but it’s easy to play with nice music. That might be the reason why I have passed a week with this game.

The gameplay is easy and you can almost grab the main story within half an hour.

Developing your cookie heroes, upgrading their HP, and thus increasing the defense and attack power. You can obtain the EXP candies by playing in multiple modes. These EXP candies are primarily the tokens you need to upgrade the skill set of the cookies.




  • Nice music
  • Free to play
  • Easy story line
  • Smooth graphics


  • Need to spend real money to upgrade quicker
  • A few lags and glitches


As I played through the stages of “Cookie Run: Kingdom” and upgraded my cookie heroes this seems more fun than in the beginning. One way you advance in the game is to buy everything quicker with diamonds or wait and play the game as a normal person.

The voice and graphics are cute to keep you busy for hours. I haven’t spent any money yet, but sometimes wish to.

There is a storyline, it’s not mandatory to know that to play the game. Also, the story seems bizarre to me. But, when you build a game like this you have to come up with an idea for the opening. Why do your kingdom and heroes stand and where they came from?

A few tips like other strategy games, complete the daily tasks and fight with cake monsters on the map to unlock more heroes. There are approximately 74 of them.

Do not forget to upgrade your buildings and unlock more spaces. The better your kingdom upgrades the more rewards and EXP candies you will get. Upgrade five heroes set properly to win in the fight.

It’s a good game for all ages and a good timepass.

What's your thought?