Stickman Legends: Shadow War Android Game Review
  • Graphics
  • Control
  • Price
  • Music

This is a fun classic style RPG game.

This is a pretty straight forward game. In this classic RPG style fighting game, you have several heroes to choose. You fight with a sword or gun. But, at first, you can only choose the default hero.

No, big control gimmick here. The campaign mode lets you fight and advance through each stage. You smash and kill shadow enemies. Upgrade your skills and weapons. I loved this easy-going 2D style RPG game.


  • Nice graphical background
  • Easy tutorial and gameplay
  • You can win without paying money
  • No big brainier, so you can play anytime, anywhere.


  • Annoying ads

Stickman Legends: Shadow War is an old-style RPG game. I liked the gameplay. It’s easy to start and you do not need to work hard to advance the stages.

After installing the game it goes straight to tutorial without a further intro. The basic control is easy. You go forward or backward with your left thumb. Jump and other attack buttons are on your right thumb. On the campaign mode, there are hundreds of stages and you can choose Shido the Lion-Heart Swordsman to start the game. He is the default here.

As you advance the game you can unlock or buy other heroes. Although you can watch free videos to earn some points.

The ads are always annoying to me inside the game. I know you have to earn from the game. But, when I buy a game I deserve some decency and do not want to see ads or videos for paying. If I want to spend more money I will do so. No need to splash it after every stage is cleared.

It’s 2D style game, gives you the classic 90’s feel. You splash and cut through your enemies. The default hero seems a bit slow with the sword, but if you buy a here who can shoot an arrow or bullet, I think the gameplay will be much easier.

But, you do not need to pay to win. You can practice and win easily.

The music was a pain inside my head as I used headphones to play the game. It’s not clear and not much swift. Action game with bad sound is the worst combo.

Still, I enjoyed the game because it reminds me of the old days of the console game. You can play the game offline – this is a plus point.

The game has no real storyline, you can play it anywhere anytime just for fun.

What's your thought?