Minecraft Game Review from a Parent's Point of View
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Minecraft is the Best Game for Kids!

Minecraft is a sandbox environment where you can build anything you like and roam pre-built worlds with your kids. It is a fun game for any age of people. If you are looking for a non-violent game that can teach your children to learn programming skills, bits of patience, and increase their hand-eye coordination, then look no further.

The game seems to become very popular after the initial release in 2011. Since then, it’s been ported to many platforms, including android. I played the game on android, and apart from a few restart issues, it works just fine.


  • No time limitation
  • Random world and unlimited map
  • Teach kids how to program, solve problem, teamwork
  • graphics that won’t hurt your eyes.
  • Non-violent fun game.


  • Addictive if you can’t control the screen-time for your kid.
  • Sometime it can’t find your ID and need to restart the game.

Parents, in general, are very skeptical about video games. Most of them believe that gaming will change kids’ behavior in a wrong way; it will also hamper their educational process. I am not one of those parents. I did my research and saw in hand that gaming is helpful for a growing-up kid.

The problem might be your kid is not playing the game suitable for his/her age. Some violent games will increase their aggressive behavior. As a parent, you need to choose the game that is best suited for your kid. You will decide what they should play and which one they should avoid.

I play a lot of games, and I am not still addicted to them. I believe my kid, who is now six years old, has developed a love for gaming from me. So, we end up playing a lot of Minecraft games together.

Minecraft is an excellent game if you want to teach your children something good and coordinate their thinking and building skill. It will not help them directly to get a job, but in the long run, something greater than this will happen. Your kid’s decision-making power, analytical skill, patience, team playing mentality will grow up.

Does Minecraft a Good Game for Kids?

As a gamer and a parent, I can tell you that Minecraft is an excellent example of a game for kids. The vast plane of 3D environment where your kid can roam and build anything they can imagine.

This particular game is designed to teach your kid programming skill, analytical skills, problem-solving, and mostly be creative about any problem they face.

What can Kids do in Minecraft?

There are several modes for the game, survival, creative, and adventure mode. Survival mode tests your skill of building your house and gather resources on time so you can be ready for the nighttime. At night creepers and zombies attack, so you need to fortify your defense first.

Creative mode is the fun mode in Minecraft. All the resources and blocks are open for you. You can even fly anywhere on the map. Build anything you wish as there is no limitation of the resources.

You can roam other player’s maps in Minecraft’s adventure mode, but you can’t break or place any blocks. It is a pure skill-testing way to fight with mobs, but you can’t destroy anything.

How is Minecraft helping my kid?

My kid and I mostly play survival mode. It helps her to gather resources and make things in due time. She is now better than me in the game. She always tells me to gather wood for her, and she will build and decorate the house. Sometimes I wonder where she gets all those ideas.

Also, I give her tips to be creative some time like, let’s build a three-storied building, a swimming pool on the roof, let us make a hidden treehouse, or something like building a house on the cliff.

You can do almost anything you can imagine in creative mode.

I love this game as my daughter does, and I believe our father-daughter bonding is growing much stronger while we play. There are very few activities we can do together outside the wall in this pandemic. So a big thanks to the game Minecraft.


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