King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare
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How is King of Avalon: Dominion

I like this game, but not really love it. It lacks many things like live action play and good music. People are creating community to play the game, they love to stay together in the loop of the strategy game. But, if you see the reviews of the general players, they are not happy. It seems you have to pay to win further in the game. One advice create strong alliance to beat the odds.


  • Free download.
  • Fewer ads, unless you are really willing to buy credits.
  • The first hour or two is pretty easy to play.


  • No strong storytelling mode.
  • You have to pay to get into the game really.
  • Laggy server and sometimes it crashes, not sure it’s mine or for some regions only.

King of Avalon is developed by DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING. They have only six games in the play store. This game seems to have one of their biggest development. People are playing this game from all over the world.

Although I do not think, this is going to stay popular much longer in the play store. I have made that assumption just after playing the game.

I am a big lover of mobile strategy games and somehow I didn’t like the game as much I liked other games I played.

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Android Game Review

Let’s talk about this game.

This is, as usual, a strategy game where you manage the empire to get stronger and attack the opponents.

There are many games like this and there will be more in the future. To make a game stand out you need good gameplay stories, graphics, and stories.

In Gameplay…

While I see the graphics are good enough to give it a 4 star but the storytelling is not as much as good like other kingdom strategy games.

The game starts suddenly and you do not see much intro of the game. As a first time gamer, I would love to see some videos that describe the situation of the story I am going to play. This is like a mindset you need to give it to the gamers.

The music also is too much dramatic. Why do you need so much dramatic music to such a game? I am going to build and fight with the army and I am annoyed with the too much dramatic music. It gets on my nerves.

When you are killing a giant or attacking you are not watching it actually. These are just preset of fighting graphics. In this regard, I really like to mention the Clash of Clans gameplay. I know it’s not a good comparison, but you can learn something from the good devs.

Rather than these failings, the game is getting harder for free players to proceed in the game further.

I loved the game’s landscape graphics and the way it sends instructions. But, it confuses with all the info icon at once. As I said, you get no clear starting point.


Play with a mobile with at least 2GB RAM. The game seems laggy sometimes. Many users have reported they fail to start the game after updates. You can read the review at the play store.

Get your farms and walls updated as much as possible. Getting your stronghold ready and upgraded will give you a better chance to win.

Join an alliance as soon as possible. To survive in the game and upgrade to the next level you always need help from the group.

Let’s play and enjoy one of the biggest online community strategy game.

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