Sniper Fury Android Game Review
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Gameplay
  • Story

Entertaining game, but lack of surprise elements

Gameloft is popular for its great quality games. Sniper Fury is one of them. After releasing in 2015 the games download numbers shows the popularity of it.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s an addictive game, it’s fun to play. It’s a great pastime to hang on my mobile for a bit longer.

I do not see any real competition or strategy in this game. You upgrade weapons, join clans, loot, upgrade your team, etc. several on-screen tasks. But, somewhere it lacks the charm of a first-person shooting game.

It’s free, that is a plus point obviously, but hey… where is the bloody surprise we need in an FPS game?


  • It’s free to play and easy
  • Good graphics
  • Great location and weapons
  • Easy learning process for beginers
  • It’s fun


  • Server lag reported by users
  • Feels like the player has unlimited amount of ammo!
  • What is the point of choosing dress, costumes and armor if you can’t see them in real game?

Sniper Fury is a first-person shooting game with high graphics and futuristic weapons. The game is developed by Gameloft.

If you heard the name Gameloft then you must know they always deliver the best quality graphics in the market. Most of their free games are a hit.

Sniper Fury was first released in 2015. Till then it has been installed more than 50,000,000 times on android platforms. That proves it’s a popular FPS game on android.

I have played the game on an 8GB android mobile you can see the gameplay video below. I haven’t felt any lag or server issue.

The graphics are pretty good, you can start anytime and can’t miss a thing as you have to go through the tutorials and practice first.

The game has a futuristic design as I said, the weapons, locations and the way it progresses further in the game.

Sniper Fury is available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone & Tizen platforms.

How is the Gameplay?

After completing the very short tutorial on how to shoot and move your view on the mobile screen you will be given easy missions like killing one or two standing enemies.

Then there is story mode and arena, where the game becomes a little hard. But, I promise it’s far easier and fun game than you thought. The blood and graphics are not scary when you shoot and kill, but the music sometimes feels overrated.

Comparing to other games now trending in the market like PUBG, the Sniper Fury is just a childish game for time pass.

They need to improve their live-action play in the arena and create more storyline.

I see no real competition after playing for an hour. It’s enough time to ditch the game and move to another one.

And lastly, the devs should reply to people on Playstore and solve their complaint before putting any new updates. It’s a user who you designed the game for not the way around.

What's your thought?