After the Age of Empire my favorite game this year is the Clash of Clans. This is a strategy game with lot more advance level movement than the Age of Empire. Strategy games like age of empires might seem boring to you at some point as there is no real movement of your army and you can get caught by the money you have to spend after the level advances. Clash of Clans can also let you spend money for buying more resources, but it is basically a free game. You will be given a plenty of resources to start with and you can move your houses walls and other buildings whenever you wishes. This is a super cool feature for an action packed strategy game.

The real life adventure style you can see your army is fighting and destroying the enemies buildings and castles. Even they are getting killed upon your own eyes.

Lovely graphics and superbly added background music will definitely make you smile. between the android strategy war games Clash of clans is the best till now. The game is somewhat addictive.

Install from Google Play:


You might get caught in the addiction of attacking the goblin and getting resources at the first hour. But you should stop that. Make your own mining and Exilr output and upgrade them. Also upgrade the store quality. The more resources you have the more is the chance your army will be stronger. The first strategy should be developed your own kingdom rather than spending the resources to attack others.

There is a helpful site for more tips:


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