Jump Dash Android Arcade Game Review
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Jump Dash: 2d runner -fun and good to play with your kids

This is a 2D game. Very simple UI design and the characters are pretty obvious. No extra gimmick or selling coins during the game. It is a god pass time for the people who do not like to play complex time consuming games.


  • Easy to play
  • Simple interface
  • Free
  • Simple charterer design


  • Every time you want to start the game again you have to watch an ad.

I have played the game for around 30 mins. It’s not the usual games I play. I like mostly FPS games and racing ones. At first glance, this seems to be a suitable game for kids under 7.

The game is pretty simple, a character designed is also simple. But, the game is addicting. The main reason is it’s easy to play. You start the game and there is no more complication or tutorials to learn. Just touch and jump over the empty space or the obstacles.

There are three scenarios to play in. There is not much to explore. The music and scenarios are not too disturbing. Overall this is a simple fun game you can play with your kids. Good initiative to time pass.

The dev is Scaly Bob, and they have another game in the play store beside this. Both are simple. People seem to love this simple game for pastime.

So, no serious gaming here just a fun game to keep you busy in your leisure time. Enjoy the game.

Jump Dash puts a new spin on the endless runner platform game, with original characters and unexpected in game twists. This platform jumper has simple controls, making it suitable as one of the endless runner games for kids. Try it for yourself, see how long you can survive and if you can score high enough to unlock new characters.

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