The modern world is based on technology. Not all of them are a blessing. We have mixed effects of technology in our everyday life. Gaming is one of them.

Most of us believe that gaming is pretty bad for a kids mind and health.


A study from different part of the world says it another way. Gaming can be actually good for your kids mental & physical health.

People who are addicted to gaming might be a problem, but gaming itself is beneficial to youngsters.

For example, gaming can increase the hand-eye coordination of a person. First person shooting game where you have to concentrate on your surroundings and also think logically, surely develops your skill of decision making in real life.

It’s how human brains work.

We dream during our sleep because our brains want to train us that is not possible in real life. You run, scream, fall in your dream. Our brain trains the muscle and info banks to record the data. This data is used when you face the same kind of situation in real life.

The same thing is true for gaming. It’s been obvious that kids who played racing game in a simulator or PC will learn how to drive quicker than those who didn’t play.

They already know the physics, car instrument, speed, and direction. All they need is a real-life experience after that.

Do you know that NASA trains its pilots in a simulator? It increases their survival capacity.

If you think of mental health, gaming can reduce stress and make a person confident. A person feels great when a level is won in any game. This has good vibes in the mind and body responds in a better way after that.

Nah… these are not just bullshit talk. It is backed by research.

The Health Benefits of Gaming You Must Know