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Vikings: War of Clans MMO Game Review

Vikings: War of Clans is a traditional strategy game. You have to build your city, army and grow as a strong Jarl to defeat the neighboring players.

In simple eyes, there is no surprise in this game than any other kingdom building games.

The story revolves around a world where Vikings are growing and they need a strong leader to develop and wage wars.

The graphics and music are cool, you can spend hours without getting bored. The gameplay is easy at the beginning but you can’t achieve a great position in the game without spending money.

3D animations, with the lovely scenario and lively town folks made the game interesting. You can play the game in any modern browser.


  • Easy instruction to begin the game.
  • Convincingly good graphics.
  • Great sound.
  • Can play in the browser, Android and iOS platform


  • You have to pay to advance in the game.
  • More lively action play can be added in the war.
  • Poor support.

MMO games are pretty fun to play if you have previous experiences. Otherwise, you will be discouraged in a bit. Today I am going to start the Viking War of Clans. Lets see how it tastes!

The game is developed and published by Plarium in 2015. It is available in both play store and iOS. Although my main target is to play the game in my PC browser.

It is a strategy browser game focused on the Vikings theme. Like all other strategy castle and kingdom building games, you have to build your kingdom, armies and then wage war against other players.

I am using the latest Mozilla Firefox browser. 8GB RAM and a 3rd generation core i3 processor. It’s more than enough to play most MMO games in my browser.

Vikings: War of Clans is a strategy browser game set in the thematic world of Vikings, where as Jarls, players must build their kingdoms, armies and heroes to wage war against each other.

Viking War of Clans is not much different from the other kingdom building strategy game. The starting is pretty easy for anyone and you can get attached with the lovely 3D graphics and background music.

To make the game interesting they have included heroes and levels of complexity as the game progresses.

In the Beginning…

As stated, starting the game is easy. You have to register your name and provide an e-mail ID. Then you are in the game. All the instructions are easy to follow and there is a detailed description of what is going on the screen.

You follow the task and create your buildings first. It is advisable to follow the tasks one by one in the first hours. This will help you to gain strength systematically as you advance in the game.

Now, all strategy games follow the same procedure, like building barracks, infirmary, farms, mining post, woodcutter’s hut, etc. This is no different from those.

The ultimate target is to build your Viking city as a Jarl, Raise your army as bigger as you can, then go to War.

To the War….

Army size is definitely a deciding factor to win a war. Go to the global map. Choose an opponent city. Then click how many troops you want to deploy then march towards the city.

Winning is defined by the hero level, defense wall level, and your army size. You won’t be watching the war scenario like Clash of Clans, but just a visual graphics how your troops are marching.

You will get the notification and stats of war after your troops are returned to own city. I would really like to see the war a bit more complex like that. The war is pretty simple.

The game mainly focuses on building your clan city, army, and relationship if you are playing multiplayer.

The more you advance in the game the better you can plan everything. The more your city advances the higher your hero level will be.

Although after a certain time you’ll find that you need more and more resources and coins to speed up the process. It sucks when you have to spend money to advance in a game like this.


I am always a big admirer of the strategy games like this. You build your city then establish a true kingdom. The sound is good. The lively display of my city where everyone is working on my display feels actually good.

To win the war you need to join a clan and help each other with food and troops. One problem is faced when you do not buy any packages your progress will be very slow. This is obviously intentional. You cannot just come and play for free forever. You need to provide something to the devs.

I can play in the browser that’s a relief for me. Actually, I can play from anywhere after logging into my account.

The city itself is pretty small, but once you advance in the game you will have more to control and maintain.


If you connect your Facebook account then you will get a gold coin bonus :-P. Remember that. You might use a completely different Facebook account just for gaming purpose.

It might seem lucrative to buy the bonus packages, but you have to think twice before you buy any package.

For example, if you buy a huge troop packs then your food will deplete quickly and you will need more money to maintain the growth of your city. As you know each upgrade needs food. Sorry to say that you have to plan before you buy anything in the game.

The game is actually good with a huge community. You need patience and enough time to advance slowly.

Trying to do rapid growth will destroy the game environment os it is forbidden by the logic. You can spend money but it will not help you much if you do not have a plan.

Grow your town, hero, and defense, then join a clan – now you will progress in the game.

Overall this is a good game to spend time. I have played better games, but this game can certainly keep you up for months.

What's your thought?