To travel to any country a visa is a must. Every traveler needs to have a valid visa for their favorite destinations. But, do you know that you can get an online visa without physically moving to the embassy or submitting your passport and documents in person?

Several online companies will help you to get your travel documents checked and apply for an eVisa on your behalf. This will surely help you to minimize the errors in document submission and save a lot of hassle.

Getting an eVisa solely depends on the passport you hold and the destination country. A passport holder of the USA, UK, Japan, or Canada will have more privileges when getting an eVisa than most other south Asian countries.

You can check the passport index to know the strength of your passport.

Our discussion today is about these kinds of evisas. Whether you are eligible for a visa or not, and what kind of supporting documents do you need?

Travel Documents you need to get a Visa / electronic visa (eVisa)

Each country has its own set of rules to provide visas to incoming travelers. You must check their website first for a list of documents they need to process your application. Here is the general list of documents you need to have before applying.

  1. Your passport is valid and has at least 6 months of validity
  2. A recent photograph in the required size. 
  3. National ID card, resume, birth certificate, employment contract, etc.
  4. Travel plan (Hotel booking, travel Itinerary, etc)

Some countries will also ask for your bank statement for proof of solvency. This is required for tourists from the people of developing countries.

When you are getting an on-arrival visa you should get these documents ready with you. Several times a lot of travelers are denied entry to a country for lack of the proper documentation. Without the correct documents, you can be denied entry to a country by the immigration authorities, sometimes fined, and other troubles.

So, it is better to get your documents ready before traveling. Here are a few of the companies that might help you to check and get your travel documents ready. They can even help you to renew your passports for some countries residents.

Companies that can help you to get your eVisa and other travel documents easily

From electronic visas, invitation letters, and health declarations to printed/digital photos, helps customers get their travel documentation straightforwardly and 100% online. They also assist with passport renewals for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Their process is simple. You fill up their online application that consists of your residing and destination country. The iVisa system will guide you through the rest of the process. Most of the time all your required travel documents will be sent via email.

Vfsglobal helps you to submit your visa online and this is a self-service process. Their systematic program will tell you about all the requirements you need to apply for and get the eVisa.

DIY: Apply online for a visa

If you have ample time in hand and want to do all the processing by yourself then get more visa info from the links below.

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  3. Canada Visa
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  5. China Visa
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  7. Turkey Visa
  8. Mexico Visa
  9. Thailand Visa
  10. Spain Visa

Before applying for a visa online, you need to check two things first. Number one, do you need a visa, and second, are you eligible for an online visa?

Nationals living in the EU do not need a visa to travel to other countries in the EU. Some nationals like the U.S.A, Canada, Japan, and Singapore do not need to apply for a visa in most of the countries. They will get it at the airport on arrival.

If you can submit all the necessary documents then it is the best solution. But, if you think you do not have the time or necessary expertise then you can always take help from a service like They will help you to submit and process your file. 

You can take help from your travel agent also. So, where are you going next?

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