We humans as a species are a funny bunch. We may be at our most advanced stage right now, with all the gadgets and gizmos to make life easier for us. But take it all away, and how would you cope? Take a look at the possibilities.

Can we actually live a world without technology?

The simple answer is “NO”. It will be a disaster for the people of 21st century. We have done wonders with our technology. Without it we are a bunch of animals living in the woods and praising the imaginary power in the sky.

We have built speedy cars, airplane, tall buildings, vaccines, explored the space and creating  life itself.

In short technology (advancement in science) is helping us to find the meaning of human existence.

A world without technology is a dark and uncertain world for modern human.

Without your music players

No iPod courtesy of Apple – shudder, gasp! You would have to go retro with a Walkman and carry a small mountain of CDs around to match the MP3 equivalent. Unless we’re going really old school, then perhaps a gramophone would be more appropriate (although you really couldn’t carry one of those around with you).

Going further back, if we remove any kind of musical instruments or players from your life? You do not have fine tuned guitar, dram pad or a recorder?

Their will be no music industry. Monkeys do not need music.

There will be a partial fall in economy too. Can you imagine you can enjoy a song only if someone sings it to you?

If we do not have Google from tomorrow?

A world without the wisdom of Google. The thought alone is enough to make most students feel faint. With no more answers magically produced in seconds, you would have to use one of those things called a book.

We would have to strive to get our answers which could be satisfying if not a little frustrating. And you’d have to venture into the wide world with no world-wide web. You could go to a library, or do all your shopping in the chaotic real world.

And going further back, we are removing the internet from the world. Imagine the huge black-hole in our information system. Our total sociaty might collapse. We will still live, but like the primitive souls. Depending on horse messenger to deliver our messages.

Modern war, espionage, satellite all will go dark. I do not actually want to think about it.

Without Facebook

And without Facebook, we’d actually have to remember each other’s birthdays, and face the dire consequences if we fail to.

Jokes apart, Facebook is the single most vital player in online socializing. Removing only Facebook will sure make a huge bad effect on our business and daily life.

No matter what Facebook is becoming everyday, it sure plays a great role in our economy and people’s psychology. Without Facebook, you have very little way to reconnect your old friends, sharing info’s and verifying your Gov’s agenda.

People need to give their opinion and Facebook mostly increased the power of people’s voice. Removing power from people, once they have tasted it is a disaster.

Life without your mobile

If you didn’t have your mobile, and a friend doesn’t turn up where you agreed to meet, what would you do? You would just have to go home, I suppose. Just go home.

And with no television or films, we would have to talk to our friends and families. Or get out there and socialize. Perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Without online gaming, many of us would actually be able to talk to our partners, a wondrous thought. No more love triangles with the Xbox!

It wasn’t that long ago since we didn’t have any of these luxuries. My Grandmother told me stories of when she was younger. She would go dancing on a Saturday night, or go to the seaside with her sizable family. They made time for each other and would tell stories together or sit around the wireless on cold nights.

There were much more green spaces, so they could play sports outside (the Wii does not count). Neighbors did become good friends. No social networking meant you would have to go out and get to know each other.

It may have been a simpler time, but it does sound pretty great.

So… Do you think you could survive without technology?

Has technology advanced humanity?

Would we be in trouble without such things as ID software for security or severe weather forecasting or National Security technologies?

I challenge you to give up one thing, such as social networking, for a few days. See what you can do with all that extra time. And you should probably stop if your knees start to shake.

So, can we live a world without technology?

Already said, the simple answer is “NO”.

As a 21st century person you have seen and enjoyed many technological advances. Now you can’t just live without that. We will be going backward and there will be no advancement in human race.

As a race we will fail big time. Think it as like living in a isolated tribe of Amazon forest. Who were never contacted by the modern people. They are surviving but still depends on their hunting for food and magic god when they are ill. There number are getting lower after each decade.

So, what is your thought about living without technology? How much do you prefer?

Most escapist gives lecture on how technology is hurting our human relation with nature. But they are wearing clothes and eating foods in the restaurant that is provide or enhanced via technological advancement.

Remember one thing, this is how we evolve as a human race. We thrive because we are technologically advanced than other animals living on this plane.

Effects of Technology in Our Life

Technology strongly impacts the way people conduct their daily activities. With access to Wi-Fi and advanced operating systems, technology has advanced greatly and is continuing to influence human life greatly.

A relevant example is LG’s new refrigerator that comes with Wi-Fi. It sends you an email when groceries need to be purchased. Not only that; this fridge is also capable of ordering your groceries from an online store.

From ordering your favorite stuff online to making your work more productive, technology definitely makes life easier for people across the globe.

Let’s take a look at some of the effects of technology in modern life.

Effects of Technology in Our Life 1

Technology Influences Our Work Lives

Businesses are always on the lookout for something that could potentially increase their revenue. With the emergence of computers in the 20th century, big changes have been made in the way organizations work worldwide. Nowadays, most businesses rely heavily on personal computers for their business activities, as these enable the firm to maintain large databases and personal schedules.

Technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds in the recent past, helping people across the globe to outsource their projects to other organizations situated at the other corner of the globe. These days, companies outsource computer programming and content writing jobs in an attempt to save money and reap profits. Big companies are not the only ones that outsource work, even individuals like you could outsource your work to freelancers across the globe.

If you’re a freelancer, you definitely can’t deny the impact of technology on your career. Technology gives you freedom from the workplace and lets you earn a living from home.

Technology Lets Us Share Till Our Heart’s Content

Remember the time when the only way to send a file to someone was by attaching and sending it through email? With advancements in technology, file sharing is now so much easier! There are tons of websites that allow you to store your videos, documents, and other multimedia, which can then be accessed by users worldwide.

Video sharing websites such as YouTube have impacted our lives tremendously. From simple recipes that light our imagination to intricate tutorials on programming, YouTube has made it easier for students, working professionals, and hobbyists to gain insight into the key aspects of their field.

Technology Bring Us Closer to Our Dear Ones

Technology has definitely helped individuals stay in touch with each other, regardless of location. Skype has transformed the way people communicate, by launching their connectivity application in 2003. This program works with VoIP, which enables its users to communicate via chat or make free phone calls to any Skype user across the globe. Founded in the year 2004, Facebook has made life much easier for users who wish to share both the happy and sad moments in life with each other.

What initially welcomed only graduate students to communicate is now a form of communication for more than a billion users worldwide. Facebook helps users like you share photos, videos, status updates, chat, and even make video calls. Other social networking websites that have impacted the lives of millions include MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Technology Had Made Us More Mobile

Mobile phones have gained tremendous popularity, and practically every individual you meet these days has one ringing in his or her pocket.The mobile phone was being used so much, that the device came under question for its possible harmful effects. The Federal Aviation Administration banned the use of mobile devices on airplanes since the early 1990s, the time when mobile phones started becoming popular worldwide. Despite the insufficient proof regarding the negative impact of using mobile phones to a plane’s system, the ban on mobile devices was upheld until recently. In the earlier part of 2013, the FAA decided to take a deeper look into the ban on personal electronic devices.

Effects of Technology in Our Life 2

While most passengers were overjoyed with the FAA’s decision, some were a bit miffed, as they preferred the peace and quiet they previously experienced during flights. Recently, the FAA realized the mistake they’ve been making for years and decided to allow passengers to use their smartphones and tablets in airplane mode for reading e-books, playing games, and browsing calendars during each stage of the flight. Not only that, the FAA also permitted passengers to connect to the airline’s Wi-Fi network and utilize Bluetooth accessories. Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator, notes that most commercial airlines can cope with radio interferences that emerge from portable electronic devices.

Although FAA removes ban on mobile phones, it is important to note that the ban on making calls still exists during flights. The only downside of using your mobile device during flights is that you’d probably have a dead battery by the end of the journey.

What's your thought?