This is a very interesting piece of cloth. This high-level body armor and slash proofing cloth can save you in a life-threatening situation.

We love the slash proofing T-Shirt and the jacket. Apart from style, this works great when you are in a lonely place and someone threatens your life with a knife.

There are many body armor in the market, but very few clothes that can protect you from a knife. You can still feel the sharp blade on your skin, there will be pain and bruises, but it won’t get through your skin. Saving your arteries and blood drop.

The company develops this tech is PPSS Group. They have several versions of this product including Jacket, Hoodie, V-Neck Sweat Shirt, etc. Check their store:

You can easily wear these merchandise under your regular clothes and surprise the attacker with a return blow.

Cut Resistant Safety Protective Arm Sleeves

Apart from the above military-grade product, you can easily grab cut-resistant safety arm sleeves from Amazon. These are generally used in the kitchen, Gardening, Wood carving, Farming, Fishing, Camping, Glass handling industries.

Not comparable to the level of what is shown in the video, but still handy if you are in any of the above professions.

The sleeve is made of Dyneema Fabric. It’s 30% lighter than nylon/polyester, 4 times stronger than leather, and 15 times stronger than steel (proportional to the mass).


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