Since the dawn of time, people have been scared as well as fascinated by storms with some chasing after them just to get the feel of it. Remember the movie Twister!! Where the characters of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton chased to study them with their weird Gizmos!

Though forecasting of storms is extremely difficult, meteorologists and storm chasers all around the world have been studying them and gathering the data incessantly to predict their exact time and date of hit in order to save lives.

The prediction of storms which once was difficult to predict has now become easier thanks to mobile applications which has paved the way to foresee the weather in advance. One can now gather weather data with the help of a number of storm tracking applications available on 3G iPads or iPhones.

The benefits of using an iPhone or 3G iPad whilst predicting or out chasing bad weather are that they provide GPS functionality and give access to mapping information in a jiffy, and lets you to stay connected to the internet for up-to-date news.

Here are the best storm tracking application for meteorologists and storm chasers who are dedicated to weather prediction, storm detection and general meteorology.

AccuWeather for iPhone:

An extensive weather application and possibly the best common all-round weather application, it provides quick access to detailed weather reports in advance.

Hurricane Forecaster:

A must-have, this application is indispensable for people living in areas prone to tropical storms and for the storm chasers as well. This application forecasts in detail as to how powerful the storm is, where the storm is and where it’s going to hit next.

By far the fastest, most convenient way to access National Hurricane Center data. The app displays detailed satellite imagery animations, allowing you to track the storm using the most recent observations.

MyRadar Weather Radar:

MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays animated weather radars around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Our High Definition Doppler radar data is processed from raw NOAA weather radar data from the National Weather Service / NWS using our custom-designed, proprietary systems and software, offering the clearest, sharpest, most accurate and most up-to-date reflection of precipitation available… easily accessible at the tap of a finger on your mobile device.


Though not a weather application, it delivers information ranging from routine day-to-day activities such as safety tips, weather alerts and traffic reports.

With over 9,000 public safety agencies using it to keep residents informed, Everbridge and Everbridge Nixle offers the most trusted information available at a neighborhood level – all delivered directly to your mobile device. Messages range from emergencies and crime advisories to important announcements, reminders and community updates.

Hurricane HD:

A free application that works for both iPhone and iPad, it is used for tracking storms. It displays an interactive chart which shows the current path, from where you can see and touch the eye of the storm. The application takes the help of your phone’s GPS to tell you how soon the storm would hit.

NOAA Radar US:

Fast. Simple. Reliable. Hi-resolution. Predictive radar. Severe weather warnings. Snow/mixed precipitation display. Forecasts. As millions of our customers have discovered, NOAA RadarUS delivers everything you need in a app for viewing animated weather radar images.


It is a universal advanced weather app that works on iPhones and the iPads which shows several different types of radar data for radars all over the U.S., Guam, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. It determines the precipitation data, the speed at which a storm is moving.

If your nature relates to that of the characters of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in Twister, then make sure you are safe first. You will also need to have in-car charger and the basic free first aid application in case of emergency. And most important of all, don’t endanger others unnecessarily.

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