Every now and then we see some bullshit comments or racial fight on social media. You are browsing your Facebook or twitter feed and things are popping all over the comment section.

Did you felt annoyed by these bad comments? Here is the solution. Now you can stop seeing these comments on your Facebook or twitter feed.

All you need to do is use Google chrome and use the Tune by Google chrome extension.

Once installed it will help you to filter out the offensive things you want to block. It’s built on the same machine learning AI of Perspective.

Currently, the extension is in beta version and can filter messages from a number of social media including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Disqus.

You can turn up the volume to see all comments or turn down as much as you need to minimize the toxic parts like attacks, insults, profanity, etc.

Is it going to work?

The AI is still learning the conversation humans have on social media. So, when you logged in the extension it sends the access detail to Perspective to scan the comments.

It’s not an adblocker, it reads texts and removes them after analyzing with the database. The more it gets information the more accurate it will be in time. For now, it’s a working beta model.

Also, people can do picture comments in these days. We do not know if those can be identified by Tune also.

Behind the curtain: Tune is part of a conversational AI research project made by Google Jigsaw — a unit of Alphabet that aims to use technology to make the world safer. – ProductHunt.

It’s all about collecting more and more data for the AI. The ideal AI can mimic human behavior and take action after analyzing that.

Now everyone is racing to create a better AI for their purpose. Like Google wants to create a safer internet. But, we always know that at a certain level AI can’t be controlled anymore.

Let’s hope that never happens.

What's your thought?