There are numerous educational apps ready to be downloaded from App Store. Sadly, it is not easy to decide which app we should download. To make things easier, we have shortlisted the best 5 educational apps to save your time.

We cannot help but to give you a technical advice here. If your child is using the apps at school or on the bus then you might want to save battery life when on 4G, some of the apps we have listed above do have a tendency to drain battery when used for extended periods.

Khan Academy:

This is no doubt one of the best educational apps found in the App Store. It lets you download videos free of cost. It covers all the major subjects like biology, finance, history, chemistry, physics and math etc. Not only students, but teachers can also take great benefit from this app.

It is quite user friendly and informative. The best thing about this app is that you can easily track your progress.

You can even watch the videos when you are offline after downloading them.

It is rated 5/5 on the App Store.

London – A City through Time:

This wonderful app covers the 2000 years of history of London in a lot of detail. You can browse through millions of maps and pictures of London in this app.

You can check out the history timeline which makes the app quite easy to use. There are many 3D buildings of London available for better understanding. You can even listen to the audio recordings in this app.

The average rating of this app on App Store is 4.5 out of 5. This app can be purchased from the App Store for £9.99.

Star Walk for iPad:

This is the best interactive astronomy guide. The stargazers would love this app to no extent. You can use this app offline too. You just need to point your iPad towards the sky and you will get information about the specific star.

It can differentiate stars, constellations and satellites for you easily. You will also get the night mode with the purchase of this app.

It can track the satellites for you. You can also plan your star search in advance through the calendar of events.

You can even connect your device to a bigger screen to admire the stars and night sky. You can also search for a specific star through this amazing app.

The average rating of this app on the App Store is 4.5 out of 5. This app is available for downloading for £2.99 only.

Wordflex Touch Dictionary

This is one of the most wonderful educational apps. It allows you to explore millions of words. It is not only an interactive dictionary but a thesaurus too.

This app is developed in association with Oxford University Press. It makes mind mapping a lot easier than before. You can even find audio pronunciation of all the words present in the dictionary.

You can also share the word posters through Facebook, twitter, emails etc. You can easily print your search if you like. You can effortlessly navigate through the entries too.

The search option is quite flexible and it also gives you the tree-based view for the different searches.

This App is rated 5/5 on the App Store and it can be bought for £11.99 only.

TapQuiz Maps World Edition

This is a fantastic app which makes learning geography really fun. You have to answer different questions about the different maps displayed in the app.

It tracks your progress as well.

This app helps you to memorize the names of different countries for free.

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