With the current economy, people are working harder than they had to a few years ago.  Business owners work nearly non-stop to keep their businesses profitable, and the demands being placed on employees by companies have increased recently.  While the iPhone cannot do all the work that must be done, it can help reduce the work load by increasing efficiency.  Here are 10 apps that will help people with their workload.

1. Checklist

For only $0.99, Checklist helps people create to-do lists and check off tasks as they are completed.  It can be used for any type of list.  With its simple design, this app is free of many distractions that others have.

2.  FileMagnet

FileMagnet allows users to download work files to their iPhone.  The iPhone is transformed by this app into a portable storage device.  During a commute, these files can be pulled up, so people can work on their way to work and from it.

3. FedEx Mobile

FedEx Mobile is designed for any business owner who uses FedEx frequently.  It allows users to track shipments and access their FedEx.com address book from their iPhone’s.  The most convenient feature is the ability to create shipping labels from anywhere.

4.  Any.do

This has been among the most downloaded apps in the iTunes store. You can set recurring tasks, time and place based notification with the app. Also, it can connect with all of your important apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Evernote, Outlook & Slack to get data for your busy schedule.

5. Organizer: To Do + Calendar + Lists

Aptly named, Organizer: To Do + Calendar + Lists keeps to-do lists, calendars and generic lists in a single place.  Having access to all of these in one app is convenient, as people do not need to switch between programs.

6. OmniFocus

OmniFocus won the 2008 Apple Design Award for Best IPhone Productivity Application.  Many people still use it today to manage projects, which it can sort by the people involved, date due or location.

7. Asana

If you manage a huge team online or offline then you know this always keeps you busy in the late hour. Asana will take care of this problem. Scheduling tasks for individual groups, delivery time set up, reply management everything is like a breeze with Asana. You do not need to worry about data loss or checking each e-mail individually anymore. All of your work progress and discussion under one tab.

8.  WorldCard Contacts

WorldCard Contacts is a digital business card organizational system.  It allows people to load a business card along with the person’s data into the app.  Then, contacts can be sorted into groups and lists.  The app costs $1.99.

9.  1Password

In recent years, internet security has become a major issue.  With it, the number of passwords needed has also increased.  1Password will store all the passwords a person uses in a single place, which can be accessed with one password.

10. NameCatcher

Everyone has found themselves in an embarrassing situation when they forgot someone’s name.  With NameCatcher, people can avoid this by entering people’s names and details.  Then, any detail can be searched and the related names will be provided.  This can help professionals remember clients’ names, without pouring over charts.

With these apps, the iPhone can be used to greatly increase productivity.  Apps can reduce paperwork and sort lists.  They can store contact information and ship items.  No matter what one does for work, there are apps that can reduce the workload.

What's your thought?