So, I was looking for a cool wireless headphone and came up with the unboxing video of IQ Buds.

To me, this is completely new and I never imagine such a tech can exist and very few people are using it.

I headed back to Amazon for getting more info about the IQ Buds and see here what I understood from it.

This wireless earpieces are not like your regular one. This pair can mix up the surrounding sound with what music you are listening to.

It means you are not completely cut-off from what’s happening around and you still can enjoy your tune.

This IQ Buds has an awesome app for Android and iOS, which is pretty helpful to set the environment and the intensity of your hearing.

Literally, this is one out of the box thinking ear piece to get. You must check this out.

Have you ever have an earbud that can amplify selective sound for you? This is the one that does it pretty well. You can wear it anywhere you want and feel the superpower of hearing even in the busiest restaurant, mall or in the road.

No more accident for not hearing the horn on the road. Enjoy your music and stay safe too


– Selectively increase or decrease sound via the Super Intelligent noise control
– Up to 16 hours of Bluetooth streaming time with 32+ hours of hearing mode time.
– Sweat and water proof as promised.
– Connecting with your phone is pretty easy. Touch for 5 sec and get the sweet beep.


– Minor issues with Bluetooth connectivity and distance.

The IQ Bud comes with a nice box and different sizes of earbud tip to fit in your ear. Don’t forget to choose the right size for you, otherwise, the sound cancellation might not work as described.

No wonder this is a very intelligent ear piece that can give you super comfort while traveling and riding through any crowded place. I recommend you should at least try this once.

What's your thought?