We love Amazon Alexa and all its features. Alexa is in continues evolution to become smarter every day. As a result, more and more of the Amazon’s devices are getting powered by the voice assistant.

You might have used the regular thermostat already. But, if you haven’t used any smart thermostat in your home before, then we are going to introduce the Alexa enabled smart thermostat for you. It is – ecobee4.

So, what a smart thermostat do for you that a normal one can’t do?

This is the question I always ask before I try to introduce anything new to my readers or when I want to buy a new gadget.

Sometimes it likes that, an upgraded version will do the things better and do more things, but I might not need that right now. I will pass and not buy that stuff.

At the end we want you to save money and buy the things only if you need them or you find it entertaining. So if you can do your work via a normal android phone then do not go for an expensive iPhone. It’s just a good suggestion from me.

Now coming back to the ecobee4, what it can do for you that a normal thermostat won’t do.

  • First of all, it is Alexa enabled, the cloud-based voice-controlled assistant that is competing the (limited ability of tasks) Siri on iPhone. Which can do much more things than Siri can. I am glad it’s a better option to get a voice controlled device with Alexa in it.
  • ecobee can set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature for you via voice control.
  • Several apps for Android and iOS to control it from anywhere.
  • It can save your money on energy consumption. They have a detailed knowledge base how it can do that. read here: https://www.ecobee.com/savings/

Like other Amazon device setting it up with your mobile is very easy and they have step by step tutorial for that.

Smart Thermostat

When we are talking about smart devices we hope to find a device that is intended to do whatever it is built for. And, perhaps sometimes it can do more for the user. Also, the device must connect all other devices I need and can be controlled from a distance.

On a note to that ecobee does all of that. not only you can put extra sensors connected with the ecobee in different zones of your house, You can actually get the real-time data from the internet. So, when it is hot/cold outside ecobee knows what to do.

You can control your house temperature even when you are away. Thanks to the iOS and Android app.

Those who are upgrading from an older version of ecobee might need to adapt with the new version and some data loss might occur. For the first time users, this is the device you must have.


If you do not own an Echo, then you will now after buying the ecobee smart thermostat. If you own one already then it will work like an extension, like the echo dot. Particularly doing something else than the echo dot.

Although it has the far fetch voice recognition system enabled, so that it can hear you from a distance. It has been seen that the response time is slower than the echo dots. If you have several eco dots added nearby you can see that the ecobee responses in a delay and the response is different. So you will hear two different Alexa voices.

Synchronization fails. This is confusing and should be fixed.

Comparing with the other device on present market ecobe is a good option to consider. We are taking price, usability and installation issue and after sales service in consideration.

What's your thought?