Every one of us used a keyboard. At least those who are reading this article now. Can you answer a quick question?

How much expensive keyboard you have used or willing to use for your regular work?

We are asking this because the one we are highlighting today is one of the most expensive keyboards we ever reviewed.

Let’s get into the thing. This is not our regular keyboard. It’s an old-school fusion of modern day technology.

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter

The Qwerkywriter Typewriter has the eye-catching design with full aluminum body construction and we are pretty amazed at its clicky mechanical switches. You can click click… click all day long. You’ll never get bored.

First of all the design is exceptional and it weighs much lesser than it looks. It has the metal finishing with the old school sound when you tap. Feels like I am a writer who is writing a novel.

And check the metal return bar. You can use it instead of the enter button in a normal keyboard.

General Specs:

  • It inspired from mechanical Keyboard.
  • Wired USB mode with NKRO and multi device wireless connectivity.
  • Dual scroll knob encoders with Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches!
  • Integrated tablet stand that can hold up to 12 inches iPad/tab.
  • A macro programmable return bar included.
  • Built with scratch resistant aluminum chassis and round typewriter inspired key caps.

Qwerkywriter is a dream for the mechanical keyboard lovers. You get the vintage look, which is fun to use and a premium metallic body top to bottom. Yes, it comes with a price.

This Qwerkywriter is compatible with your mobile (android or ios), windows, mac. Check at the front of the Qwerkywriter, you can put your iPad, tab or mobile in front it and use the iPad seamlessly.

Although this is an attention-grabbing keyboard, we do love to point out some pros and cons for the Qwerkywriter.


  1. The vintage look.
  2. Metal finishing with premium grade quality materials.
  3. The feedback from each key as a mechanical keyboard.
  4. The weight
  5. Built-in phone or tablet stand.
  6. You can use it wirelessly or wired.
  7. Comes with rechargeable battery.
  8. Circular type button with enough space to fit your finger.


  1. The price. You can get the modern mechanical keyboard at a lesser price.
  2. It’s loud. It’s not suitable to use in the class or some places like in the library.

So what do you think of this Qwerkywriter? This can obviously be a great collection on your desk.

We recommend this for people like designers, blogger, and people who are in love with the old style typewriter.

You will see the WOW reaction of people visiting you and yet you have all the modern keyboard functionality in it.

You can find more info about this keyboard: qwerkywriter.com