Best Camera Drones for Photography
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Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter

While the market is fully saturated with the DJI brands and Phantom is taking the attention of everyone, Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter is something that stands out from the crowd. A good example of what a camera drone should be.

It can take 360-Degree photos and 4k videos with its 20MP camera. The 3-Axis Sensor-Driven image stabilization is very much comparable to the Phantom. On a single flight, it can stay up to 30 mins in the air.

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus can withstand winds up to 35 mph. The 5-Rotor Fail Safe Mode is pretty awesome. Also, the Intel RealSense Collision Avoidance helps it to navigate through obstacles and follow the flight path and keep recording.

The ST16 transmitter that comes with the Yuneec Typhoon H Plus can provide 720p quality real-time feed up to 1.6 km distance


  • 360 degree 20mp camera that can record 4K videos at 60fps
  • Controller range is good and 7 inch live display is clear
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Easy maneuver and hovering


  • Not for novice users
  • Battery lasts less if you records at 4K
  • It’s bigger than the Phantom in size

Drones are not toys. From the very beginning, they were supposed to do something special like surveillance and taking photos for the military in the remote areas.

But, things have changed, regular people and kids are using drones for various purpose. Like racing, having fun drone fights, filming videos for YouTube, taking group selfies, etc.

While our discussion today is to introduce you with some of the best drones you should consider for photography.

The outstanding photos & videos on Facebook and Instagram you see are mostly shot by drones. A camera attached drones give a very unique aspect of shooting movies and taking pro graded photographs.

Although it is sure that camera drones are not limited to movie makers only. You can get a camera drone for your regular photography and surprise your friends and family with the beauty and creativity a camera drone can bring into.

Here is our list of Best Camera Drones for Photography.

1. DJI Phantom 4 PRO

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Camera Drone

This is the best drone if you consider shooting videos and photos of real estate and commercial videos. Ask anyone who is in drone photography, they will definitely name that Phantom Pro is one of the best.

It’s super quality 20-megapixel camera with a 1-inch sensor made it possible to capture most stunning videos. Videos can be captured in 4K at 60fps or 30 fps. If you consider the GoPro 5 than Phantom 4 Pro is far better than that.

The flying control radius is 7 km and it can float for 30 mins with a fully charged battery.

The body of the drone is made with titanium and magnesium alloy, rugged and lightweight for crash protection.

The 3 axis stabilization, 5 direction object sense & ability to capture 4K video with stunning aspect has made the DJI Phantom 4 Pro one of the best camera drone for movies, commercial and regular use.

2. DJI Spark

This is a budget drone for photography lovers. Although you can’t fold the drone. It’s kind of rigged body and lightweight too. During the launch, this was one of the best that uses AI to track your movement and gesture.

DJI Spark Selfie Drone

The camera is pretty good for 1080p videos. Mostly if you shoot videos for YouTube then this is a perfect budget drone.

What we love about the DJI Spark is it’s simple gesture controls. With simply moving your hands you can operate it to fly near, go far for a selfie, start video recording, follow and record, land on your palm automatically.

The gesture control is not as perfect as the Iron Man movie, but you are going to be used to it with one or two tries.

3. DJI Mavic Air

A foldable drone that you can take with you anywhere. Actually, this might be the single camera drone you will ever need.

Mavic Air has sensors on the front, rare and downward. This helps to warn the pilot before crashing. The drone is capable of avoiding obstacles like trees, walls and create a safe flight path in its route.

DJI Mavic Air Camera Drone

Taking 180-degree sphere panoramic photos with the Mavric Air is just great. In 8 seconds the camera takes 25 photos and combines them together to create a perfect 32-megapixel panoramic shot.

You will love the foldable controller that can hold your phone while flying the drone. Excellent lightweight design. The gesture control like the DJI Spark is also available in here and you can easily get some cool selfies or videos instantly with that.

One downside that should be mentioned is the flight time, it’s only 21 minutes.

4. U818A Camera Drone RC Quadcopter

A more budget-friendly camera drone for kids and everyone else. Considering the price you are not getting high end 1080p videos or the sharp panoramic view from this drone. The main camera is 2MP and you can record up to 720p HD video with it.

U818A Camera Drone RC Quad copter

It’s not comparable to the Phantom but, the lightweight and strong build quality made it a perfect drone for the beginners.

A good thing is you can control it with a VR headset. Not many cheap drones have this capability. We included this one in our list for those who would love to get the taste of drone flying but, do not want to spend much.

Things to remember that it’s flying time is only 7-8 minutes. So you have to plan about the shot and video before you start the RC Quadcopter.

Although, it is certified that you can take good quality aerial photos and videos with its altitude hold function.

5. Tello Quadcopter Drone

This is a microdrone and It’s from DJI. Yes, you can confuse it with any racing sports drone for its size and lightweight design. But, this is our second choice for budget drone and we think this microdrone is an excellent choice for the beginners who want to start shooting aerial photography.

Tello Quadcopter Camera Drone

Tello can go up to 10-meter height and 100m away. On a single charge, it flies for 13 minutes or less.

Tello captures excellent sharp JPEG image with its 5-megapixel camera and shoots video in 720p mp4 format. The video is recorded directly into your mobile, there is no onboard memory card.

You can fly the copter from your hand or can just through it. An experienced user can even tweak the program of the quadcopter via the app.

It’s fun to have a cool microdrone like this in your backpack.

One thing missing in this copter is the GPS module.

There are several other great professional drones in the market and the technology is improving each month.

Check the below list for the best 10 photography drones available in the market

Best Camera Drones 
01. DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone
02. DJI Spark
03. DJI Mavic Air
04. U818A Camera Drone RC Quadcopter
05. Tello Quadcopter Drone
06. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro
07. Skydio R1 Self-Flying 4K Camera Smart Drone
08. Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone
09. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
10. PowerVision PowerEye

Before You Buy A Camera Drone Consider These Things

Don’t rush to buy anything you saw or read that has a good review. One drone that works for a person might not work for you. It has to suit your purpose.

Some people like to take selfies and shot videos for their Instagram only. While some may have dedicated YouTube channel for subscribers and fans.

So here are the things you might need to consider before you rush to the order button.

Image Quality and Format

If you are an amateur photographer and do not take photography too seriously then our recommendation is not to buy expensive drones. The regular camera drones are pretty much awesome for selfies and travel videos for your YouTube channel.

But, if you are a pro photographer then you might need a camera drone that can handle shooting in RAW mode. So you can later edit the images from the RAW format. Check if your drone can shoot in RAW.

Another thing matters when you do aerial photography is the camera sensor size. A good quality camera drone has a 1-inch image sensor. The iPhone has a smaller sensor size, so obviously, drones take better photos than your iPhone.

Flight Time

Flight time of a drone is another factor you need to confirm before buying. Not all drones gives the same amount of flight time. Expensive and commercial drones gives longer flight time.

For amateur use or for your kid, no need to buy an expensive commercial grade drone. The price of a drone mostly vary for the flight time it is giving to you.

From a cheap drone, you can get 7-8 minutes flight time max, while a commercial drone can give you up to 30 minutes or more in some cases.

Always carry extra battery and charger with you.

The Stabilization Sensor & the Control Program

This is a serious thing to follow before you decide to buy a drone. How much stabilization a particular model of drone can give you?

Drones like Mavic Pro or Phantom has great 3 axis stabilization and provides crisp image and great video.

Some drones can avoid colliding with objects and keep shooting videos and take photos, why not choose those?

So, select your drone that can be programmed and track objects and humans pretty nicely, gives less blurry effect and hovers well.

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