Ear Force PX5 Programmable Headset with Bluetooth
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PX5 is a Good Quality Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset

This one is dedicated for gamers and YouTube streamers. If you are playing FPS game then this is a must thing to compete with the best players. You can concentrate on your game play and win most of the time. Other than this, use the headphone for any purpose.


  • Programmable presets to optimize any gaming situation.
  • Widen or narrow specific game sound.
  • Great noise cancellation system.
  • Works perfectly with PC.


  • Warranty not available from all sellers.
  • You have to order separate adapter for xbox or ps4.

Turtle Beach has ridden the wave of increasing online interactivity with modern video games. Some would say they have even pioneered the peripheral a revolution towards multiplayer gaming.

Brand: Turtle Beach
Connection: Wireless
Model: TBS-2180-01

These days it’s nearly impossible to compete at any level with modern games if you don’t have the right peripherals.

Turtle beach offers great headsets to ensure you stand tall in any gaming environment. Among the best in their line is the ear force PX5 that is compatible for both major consoles (PS3 and XBOX).

It gives you everything you need in one package to become the gamer you were meant to be.

General Specs of Ear Force PX5

  • 18 personalized configurable presets to optimize game, chat and mic audio for different gaming situations.
  • Pairing Bluetooth Wireless Chat enables you to chat wirelessly on the PlayStation Network.
  • Widen or narrow the specif game sounds like foot-step, bomb sound, chatting.
  • Disguise your voice by changing the sound.
  • Option to eliminate ambient noise pickup on your mic and cutting background noise from PSN or Xbox LIVE chat sound.

Gamers can be a picky bunch and they are usually quite selective about which accessories to buy. If you’re looking for something that allows for full customization and a user-friendly interface, this headset will be a welcome addition to your collection.

Turtle Beach proves you don’t have to make things overly-complicated in order for them to be more detailed. With the touch of a button, you can get right into the action with quality sound for the latest games or old ones that you haven’t touched in quite some time.

You’ll enjoy 18 separate pre-sets that cover all major gaming genres. You’re bound to find more than one that become your favorites, and you can further program various settings to get the exact configuration you want.

Some of the extras are downright fun while others add to strategic gameplay. For example, you can narrow down on specific noises such as footsteps or enemies reloading their guns.

You can also cancel out loud explosions in order to focus on what’s truly important going on around you.

For more atmospheric games, you can pump up the ambience by increasing the soundtrack or vocals. You can even disguise your voice if you want to take on a whole new online persona.

Perhaps the best feature of the PX5 is crystal-clear online communication that keeps you in touch with the action at all times. A solid microphone serves as the heart of the system and it comes with Bluetooth capabilities as well.

It’s not just great for gaming, you can use it for everyday purposes like chatting on Skype or with text dictation using a program like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

With microphone monitoring, you’ll be able to hear your own voice no matter what’s going on screen, and that means the days of screaming into the microphone are long gone.

Automatic voice prompts will also tell you about any impending problems that need adjusting during your gaming session.

The action will never be the same again as you immerse yourself in virtual environments like never before. Imagine being able to feel like you’re in the middle of a battlefield with other online players at your side.

Using clear communication channels you’ll be able to plan strategy for victory every time, and it never hurts to do a bit of trash talking either.

Even simple simulations are taken to a whole new level with home audio that allows you to concentrate on the action. And if you love epic online role-playing games, you’ll really lose yourself whether you’re hanging out in a virtual village or in the middle of a battlefield fighting off a Dragon.

This product suits many types of games and more importantly, it will fit within your playing style to enhance your performance.

You’ll love the wireless freedom this gaming headset gives you, and you can really settle in for longer sessions without having to worry about wearer fatigue.

It also proves to be one of the most cost-effective options down the line because you can use it for so many home entertainment options. Again, it works seemingly for both major consoles in addition to serving as great headphones for music or television.

You can turn your PC into a veritable powerhouse of a one-stop home entertainment that gives you quality audio and full customization. It has a bigger price tag usually hovering at around $200, but this is definitely one of the best products in this range.

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