Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Android Game Review
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a Classic We Still Remeber

I am a big-time fan of GTA: Vice City. This classic game reminds me of the good old days of my college time. The game has almost the same graphics, characters, and speed from the PC to the Mobile version. You can really enjoy the story mode while Tommy Vercetti rises to the ladder of the mafia chain in Vice City.

Lot’s of side mission and roaming around the city, fighting with the police, mob, and looting cash prizes, everything is present in the game.

On the technical ground, the game’s weapon, costume, graphics, field depth, and moving speed is far worse than the present mobile games. But the devs tried to make you feel the same vibe as the old GTA: Vice City.


  • A classic that reminds of the 2002.
  • Easy gameplay with nice voice over.


  • Adopting to the touch control is a bit confusing.

GTA is a fantastic game. Among the GTA series Vice City is one of the best games I have played. I can still remember those golden days. When Vice City was first released on PC in 2002 me and my friends were very much excited about the installation and playing. We didn’t have a good PC back then. So when we were able to play the game, it was a win for us :).

Now, I have better and more powerful mobile than my PC. This is how time changes everything. GTA Vice City is also available in the Android mobile version. From nostalgia, I have purchased the game and started to play it.

If I compare the modern warfare games with the GTA vice city, it will waste time. GTA Vice City is the most popular among the series, and as the ’80s and 90’s kids, we have a special place for it in our hearts.

The graphics are not perfect, depth and shadow are on 2D level, driving fancy cars, and fast pursuit is not available, etc. Everything that is available in modern games is absent in the GTA Vice City mobile version. But, it still reminds me of the good old days.

The Story

The story begins with Tommy Vercetti, a rising mafia youngster. He just got released from prison and started to work with the mafia to level up in the chain. As Tommy Vercetti, you will be given missions to kill people, stealing cars, and dealing drugs. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

You will rise in rank, buy real estate, earn cash, and spend some money on upgrading your clothes, weapons, etc. The storytelling is fantastic despite the graphics. I still think the voice actors did their best while working on this game.

The most fun part is racing and killing people without a problem in the city. You can drive almost any car available in the street. Fighting with police, flying a helicopter – this is one crazy city.

PC Version Vs. Mobile Version

Those who never played or seen the Vice City PC version won’t understand the craze we still have for this game. The android version ported is just perfect like the PC. The devs have taken the same classic look of the PC game, so there are not many differences while I look at this mobile version.

I am still playing the game and trying to get used to it. GTA: Vice City is a game with complex controls, and there is a lot of buttons involved. Especially when you are flying a helicopter or driving a car, doing some problematic mission can become a pain.

Gamer used to the simplistic fast control of modern games like PUBG, FIFA, or NFS mobile will face difficulty at the beginning of the game. It’s not hard but compared to the newer games, the controls are a bit confusing.

So, it is better if you can get a gamepad. In fact, the GTA: Vice City mobile is fully compatible with the external controller/gamepad.

After completing the first two missions, which is comparatively easy, I started to get a touch screen hold. This is good; I want to play the game for some time. I just need to practice a bit more.

The style of the character, cars, graphics, music, everything might be classic, but you will still get a chill while playing the game. What more do you want from a mobile game that only costs you 5 bucks? As the game doesn’t need much higher RAM or Graphics, it runs pretty well on my phone. I am kinda happy with this classic game.

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