Traveling is fun. There are no recreational activities that can compare with traveling. We have a long history of traveling before we settled down as the human race we are now.

In modern days traveling has become easier. We have now the modern plane, bus, cars etc for traveling. Yet the raw fun of traveling or hiking camping etc has still its own charm.

While camping or hiking in rough terrain, or in the cold season we need some protective gears and equipment for our safety and survival. On this post, we have listed 10 items that you need to consider while you are planning for your next camping or hiking.

01. First Aid Kit/Medical Kit

Our very first one is the first aid kit. You never knew when this item is going to come in handy. Even when you are not traveling you should have a first aid kit in your home or in the car.

If you are traveling with a kid who is prone to accident, this item can be a life and time saver. I remember during the days when I was young my dad always put two sets of first aid kit. One in the garage where he spent his most of the daytime and one in the living room.

At that age, I didn’t realize why you have to get two sets of those. Now I know why. He put one for traveling and another for in-house.

We have chosen the following item for you. This is a product that meets OSHA and ANSI 2009 guidelines for 100 people. This is a perfect fit for business or home use.

  • The box includes 326 pieces of first aid treatment products, ideal for any family trip or long tour.
  • It is made with high-density protective plastic. There are well-organized compartments and it is impact resistant.
  • It has two layers of cells for small and big first aid products.
  • The dimensions are: 13″ x 12″ x 4

It is definitely pretty larger than your regular first aid kit bag/box. But it has al the items one person can need for a long time.

2. Insect Repellent

When you are camping in the jungle or even in the mountain area, this is a must thing. Going without any protection against mosquito and other harmful insects might cost you a lot.

We have chosen the “Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent“.

Why this?

Because, other insect repellents have to use on your skin, but this one you need to apply on your clothes, sleeping bags, tents and outdoor gears. When insects come in contact with them they are repelled or killed.

The liquid spray lasts up to 6 wash or normally 6 weeks. It’s a very effective one to keep away the mosquito and insects from your camping area.

3. Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers are suitable for cold weathers when you are working outside for a long time. It’s not necessary for all seasons or places. We have added this to our list as we think this is a very handy thing in winter season traveling.

Just open the bag and upon the contact of the air, it will start releasing heat. You might need to shake or rub the packet a bit. One packet seems to last for 8-10 hours.

This awesome product is ideal for people who are planning to work outside for long in cold weather.

4. Tactical Waterproof Flashlight

Where ever you go this is another must item you should have in your bag. The flashlight is good for keeping you illuminated in dark or when a power failure occurs.

It can be used as a weapon in need.

The one we listed in here has:

  • Aluminum body
  • 4 LED
  • 6000 lumens brightness
  • Size(mm): 285 x 54(bezel)/26(body)

Now this is quite long to use as an extension of your hand while hitting something and can be used as a defense weapon. You can dismantle the parts to carry in your bag too. But the size is perfect to roll inside your backpack.

5. A Lighter

A lighter is another must thing for campers. You might know how to make fire from wood or with stone. That is your skill, but do not risk your life for only a mere lighter in the rainy season or cold weather.

A Zippo or gas lighter can help you quickly start a camping fire. We really do not have any choice for this one. There are plenty of them you can choose one.

6. Knife

How can you forget a knife while camping. You should never forget to carry a safety knife to the camping. A knife is also a dangerous weapon. It can cut you or others. So be cautious in handling knife. Especially keep it away from children.

The size and quality of the knife will depend on your experience of camping. This is a survival item, a must bring along thing for any camper.

A knife can be used for:-

– cutting rope
– use as weapons
– to open packages and sealed cans
– creating fire starters (ie: bow drill)
– It helps to build emergency shelters (cutting branches, cutting tarp, etc)
– cutting cloth for bandages (if you don’t have a first aid kit)
– cutting bandages etc.

The use of knife can be more depending on your camping experience.

Tips: Never leave your knife unattended after use. Clean it with a rug or old towel. It it help to delay the rusting.

You can check the Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Drop Point Knife, It has a stainless steel body and rust proof capability. Perfect for you to carry in the pocket. But, this is not perfect for the big job like cutting branches and woods.

7. Rope

Another important item is rope. While you are camping this is a very useful thing.

Uses of Rope:
– Climbing
– Making Shelter
– As fishing line
– Trap for hunting
– Making Caring stretcher
– Making fence
– Firming your equipment
– Making tent etc

The uses of rope can not be limited to a list. You will find more uses in a hand of experienced camper.

We would like to suggest you 550 parachute cord. It is very light weight, strong and take only a little space.

One good trick of this 550 parachute cord is it gets tighten when it is dry. So, if you need to tighten anything, just wet the rope then secure the object. When it gets dry it will be a tight as hell. Good thing to make grip for knife or walking stick.

8. Compass

You do not only need to have a compass, you also need to know how to use that, While camping if you have the map of the area and you know how to use that with your compass, then there is a very little chance you will get lost in the jungle or in the mountain. In the desert or jungle, it’s still a necessary thing to carry a full fledged map with you. Not just the one you have on you cell phone.

Your cellphone might give you wrong location if the GPS satellites are not found. Or even it doesn’t have any charge left, what are you going to do?

9. Water Bottle

We hope you are not going to forget this item. Carrying a good quality water bottle will save the hustle and can be a life saver in time. WE have reviewed a few many of them. you can read them in here.

10. Your Backpack

Ultimately you should use a good quality backpack for your camping or hiking. When you are hiking you will off-course not forget this thing. Backpack items can be arranged depending on your need and duration of the travel activities you have.

You need to put all your survival items in your backpack 🙂 that is also a reason to make it a point in here.

Survival items vary from person to person and mostly on the experience of the traveler/camper. If you have any item suggestions please let us know in the comment.

What's your thought?