Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review
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One of the Best Water Bottle We Tested

You have used and seen many hydro flask, but this one beats all of them. To price, design and usability, we have found this is by far the best hydro flask available in this price.

Recommended for any age and for any type of traveling. The price is under $40 and you are getting a lifetime warranty for the bottle. The company stands for their product. There are several sizes and 9 colors to choose from.

The stainless steel material makes it unbreakable and food grade material ensures the health safety.

It’s definitely in our recommended list.

This one is a very interesting product to us. Hydro flask is a necessary item in your travel equipment list. If you love to keep your liquids hot or cool for minimum 12 hours then this is the product you want to have. It can be used for traveling, camping or regular day to day use.

We love to recommend this bottle for kids also as it is almost unbreakable for them. You might love the idea of a glass bottle but this is not going to give you the options to keep your drinks cool or hot.


As it comes with the general instructions, it claims to keep your cold beverage or ice water cool for almost 24+ hours and hot drinks warm for at least 6+ hours. Here are the specifications of Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Wide Mouth, 40-Ounce.

➤ Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel
➤ Keeps liquid hot for more than 6 hours and cold for 24+ hours
➤ Food grade premium 18/8 stainless steel material with BPA-free lid
➤ Best of all there is a lifetime warranty

Does it work?

It might be a silly question if you haven’t used any of the Hydro Flask before. During our test with Water, Juice, Milk, Coffee and homemade juice with ice, we have found that it works perfectly.

The water was cool and the ice still remains in there after 10 hours.
Hot drinks like coffee remain hot for more than 6 hours

It does what it says in the specification. You can go easily for a day trip with your favorite beverage in it and hydrate yourself all day long.

Things we like

  1. Obviously the price. It’s cheaper and the usability is high
  2. No odor or dripping from the liquids.
  3. The insulation works perfectly and you can’t feel the hot or cold from the liquid by touching outside wall. If you put cold drinks inside the bottle for the whole day, still it won’t generate condensed water droplet outside.
  4. The company provides lifetime warranty
  5. Stain and rust proof
  6. The water cap is firm enough not to spill your drinks

Things we don’t like

  1. Not suitable to fit in the bike bottle carrier. Both 30 ounce and 40-ounce bottle are larger than the regular by-cycling bottle carrier
  2. Car cup holder is little smaller to hold this too. Only the 180z can be fit in regular car cup holder


The bottle is a recommended travel gear item from reviewron. Great for everyone to carry one in their bag. Also, the following items are recommended with this Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

01. Straw Lid / Fits Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

If you love to have a straw lid with this wide mouth bottle this is the best one we recommend. You will be provided with two straw to cut and fit all the bottle sizes.

Straw Lid makes it possible to drink on the go or while you are driving. Though it might be dangerous to sip hot drinks while you drive.

The lid is made of food grade BPA materials. You can be assured of the quality and health safety.

02. Bottle Pro – Car Cup Holder Adapter

Those who are looking to place the bottles in the car or in a cap holder need to buy this. But make sure to check out the size of your bottle before you order. Most 3.5″ to 3.8″ bottle will fit in the holder. Its adjustable base makes it a good fit for a wide variety of cup holder.

The Cup Holder Adapter can be used in high temperature in vehicles.

03. JugLug Sleeve / Pouch for Hydro Flask 40 oz. Bottles

This is the definite option to carry your bottle with you. there is a side handle to carry in hand or you can use the shoulder strap. Shoulder strap can be adjusted for your size.

Inside of the JugLug bag, the nylon shell gives your bottle added protection from dent and scratch.


01. Is it suitable to carry in a bicycle carrier?

Ans: No, the bottle is larger than the standard bottle carrier.

02. Can it be placed in the car cup holder?

Ans: No you can’t. For that, you need the Cup Holder Adapter as we recommended above.

03. What is the best way to clean the Hydro Flask bottle?

Ans: You can use your regular dish cleaning soap or powder to wash the bottle. It’s better to hand wash the bottle with a baby bottle brush. Yes, you can clean it in the dishwasher and no problem will arise. The bottle is firm enough to hold that. Though this is not a recommended cleaning procedure by the manufacturer.

Use some hot water and put it for the whole night inside the bottle of you are too lazy to use the cleansing product. Then rinse it with normal water. Be careful the water will be hot when you open the lid.

04. Can I feel the hot or cold from outside?

Ans: Yes, sometimes. If you put boiling hot water or ice cold water in it. You can feel the warmth with bare hands, but it will not make you uncomfortable at all. There will be no water condensation from the outside environment. This is when you put liquids for a long time. This will not make any difference in the inside liquid temperature.

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