When you are traveling or planning to travel, there are a lot of things you need to carry as essentials. These are not just for comforts but to make your traveling safe and uninterrupted.

We decided to list the essential things you need to carry with you in here. Although in your backpack you will have plenty of other things.

But, you can’t miss the following items at all.

01. Travel Documents, Cash & Credit Cards

These are the primary things you must pack at the very first and keep with you all the time. Without the necessary documents and paper you can’t move in a foreign place.

Cash can be your best friend when you go abroad. Checkout this travel organizer to keep all your necessary belonging together.

What you should include in it?

  • Passport/visa(s)
  • Photographs of yourself
  • Personal ID and Student ID (if you have any)
  • Cash and Credit Card(s)
  • Reservations and itineraries
  • Contact information for your hotel or tour company
  • Transportation tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc.)
  • Emergency contacts and important addresses that can be contacted in danger

Always double-check your passport, visa and tickets before leaving home. Take a copy of your passport’s first page with you, also make a copy available online. So, you can access them anytime.

Check your credit cards have enough balance and inform your bank that you are traveling abroad.

02. Carry on Backpack

For many people who travel alone this is the only bag they carry. Depending on your location and length of stay you can choose your backpack. Checkout our backpack selection for your one. Some of you will also carry another luggage with you.

Totally depends on who you are traveling with and the duration of the tour. If you travel with kids then it is not possible to carry everything in the backpack, you’ll need a luggage.

It is always recommend to travel light.

  • Mobile device and charger
  • Headphones
  • Camera, extra memory card and charger
  • Converters and adapters
  • Travel pillow, blanket, eye mask, and ear plugs. Most of the time these items are not needed if you stay at hotel.
  • Travel journal and pen (If you have the habit)
  • Guide books, travel guides, maps, language guides, etc
  • Hand sanitizer or wet wipes
  • Glasses and case

If you carry only one backpack, then you have to include clothing in it.

03. Your Main Luggage

You are not going to forget it by any chance.

As said earlier, when you are traveling alone you might not need and extra luggage if you carry every thing in your backpack.

When you are traveling with family and have kids, luggage is a must hing. Choose a good quality luggage like this on here.

Now, let’s list out the things you might want to carry with you.

  • Lightweight clothing
  • Shirts
  • Pants and shorts
  • Socks
  • Sweaters
  • Jacket
  • T-shirts
  • Belt
  • Pajamas/sleepwear
  • Underwear
  • Sunglasses

04. Your Toiletry Bag

This can included in the luggage if there is enough space or you can have it in a separate small bag. Most men traveling alone would not prefer to carry extra bag for that.

Women on the other hand prefers to carry a small pouch to have their toiletries separately.

Remember that you can always buy things like shampoo, soap, conditioner, tissue etc. No need to make your luggage heavy.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Hair brush or comb
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Sunscreen
  • Make up
  • Face wash.
  • Lotion
  • Mirror
  • Cologne/perfume
  • Shaving kit and extra razors
  • Sewing kit/clothing care kit
  • Scissors, nail clippers and tweezers

Try not to put your whole bathroom with you. Keep it minimum as far as you can. On expensive hotels you can have these items for free.

05. Baby/Kids Items

When traveling with kids under 2 years old you need to be extra careful. They can’t eat foods like we grownups can.

You need to carry extra diaper, formula milk and hot water bottle with you. Wherever you stay you need extra clothes available for your baby. Wet Tissue and quick snacks and chocolate can be a good choice to keep them busy while traveling long distance.

Babies cry when they get a reason, so you need to be careful. You do not want to disturb other passengers in the plain or train/bus. Bring his/her favorite toy with you. You might think that is extra baggage, but be sure that this will give you comfort in time.

Keep some good animation movies or cartoons in your smartphone. This helps a lot for a crying baby.

Some airlines has restriction of carrying food items with you. You may need to put them in the luggage.

06. Med Kit:

This is the most important thing when you are going out for camping or hiking. If you are staying in a big city you can get all the things near you.

but, for campers, bikers or hikers, this is a must to add list.

  • First aid kit (bandages, gauze, adhesives, etc.)
  • Personal prescriptions if you have any
  • Pain and fever relievers
  • Cold medicines and throat lozenges
  • Diarrhea/laxative medicines
  • Allergy medicines
  • Hydro-cortisone cream/antibacterial ointment
  • Multivitamins
  • Sunburn relief
  • Insect repellent/mosquito net/sting reliever
  • Motion sickness pills or bands
  • Eye drops
  • Moleskin
  • Medicines and vaccinations specific to the region/activity

There are a lot of things we can recommend you, but you know better what you will need. Traveling destination and having kids with you will change what you must carry as first aid kit.

07. Condoms

Dah…. Yes, you should carry one or two packs with you. Nobody knows where you’ll need one and in the middle of the night in an unknown place you can’t afford to have none.

08. Extras

Personal safety is always recommended. When traveling put your important belongings underneath your clothes. use a money-belt to keep cash, cards, keys etc near you all the time.

We would recommend you to carry a RFID blocking money-belt with you. Check out this one we have reviewed earlier.

Never leave your home unlocked and do not post your destination journey date on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

It’s very tempting to post your lovely selfie while you are on travel, but believe me it is also dangerous. You can always come back to your place and upload them.

What’s more? Let us know if you have any specific tips to add into this list.

What's your thought?