You are going to love this money belt. This is a combo wallet with so many possibilities.

You can use this as: –

01. Money Belt
02. Passport holder
03. As a regular wallet
04. Hidden pocket for small documents

General Specifications:

– The back of this money belt is ultra soft, allowing you to comfortably wear it in your body.

– The belt is adjustable, stretchy and comfortably fit up to a waist size of 56 inches.

– As you can see in the image bellow the bag itself is slim and lightweight option that is still very durable. The width of the bag is 11.5 inches or 29 centimeter. It’s height is 13 centimeter.

– Two large zippered pockets have plenty of room for your cash, credit cards, drivers license, passport, boarding pass, tickets and phone. almost every smartphones will fit. You can even carry multiple passports securely.

Best Money Belt, Passport Holder and Wallet with RFID Blocking

– The larger pocket contains two inner pockets sized for credit cards and a passport.

– You can keep your valuables undercover by wearing it beneath your clothing for the best security

– Suitable for both men & women and also ideal as a travel wallet and passport holder or for everyday use.

Why you need a Money belt?

This is a very good question.

I learn from my mistakes and the last time I was out of the country, I lost one of my credit card with my wallet.

I know it’s not an option while you are traveling. I got into a big trouble as I hadn’t much cash on me. Fortunately, a friend of mine came to help me.

But, imagine if you are in a new place and a place where it is hard to find any help, what will be the situation!

The best you can do is carry the most valuable belongings always with you. Even when you are in the wash room

The hidden money belt is one of the safest ways to carry money, credit cards, and ID. Valuables will be right on your body, and if worn under clothing will go nearly unnoticed.

RFID-blocking material also protects you from unwanted scanning of credit cards and passports. Designed to block the 13.56MHz frequency, which is used for RFID tags in passports & credit cards.


  1. The price is really cheap. It’s under $20
  2. You are getting one-year replacement warranty. Isn’t that a nice thing!
  3. The material is flexible yet very much durable.


  1. This may not block other RFID frequencies used for employee access cards, key fobs, & cell phones.
  2. Only two color variations.
  3. The overall reaction from the customers who are already using it is very much positive.

Every product stands for itself and we can assure you that this ultra durable and soft money belt will be your best friend while you are traveling.

You do not need to worry about your mobile, credit card, passport or important belongings anymore. Carry it anytime anywhere.

When you want to wear it beneath the shirt, please make sure you wear a looseshirt. So that people won’t notice it.

The waist belt has a quick release button so, in case of emergency you can detach it quickly. If you carefully observe the interior lining has the RFID blocking, RFID blocking is pretty much awesome and you can be safe from identity theft.

The synthetic material it is made with is silky and feels comfortable when wearing with bare skin.

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