The USA has countless elements fused into its sprawling topography. Right from historic sites, colossal urban cities, and iconic landmarks to nature’s treasure troves of amazing wilderness and wildlife, this fascinating country has an awe-inspiring variety of culture, cuisine, recreation and tourist attractions. It allures and satisfies all genres of travelers – be it solo travelers, wanderers, nature lovers or backpackers.

Among its plethora of awesome sights and attractions, the following places in the USA stand out from the rest due to their popularity. Featuring on every USA visitor’s bucket list, the following USA hot-spots are not-to-miss attractions, especially if visiting the country for the first time.

Visit the Grand Canyon

One of the most visited sites in the world known for its picturesque sceneries, Grand Canyon is an absolute beauty carved by nature.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the north of Arizona is a sprawling landscape teeming with rugged sandstone gorges, and valleys dotted with gushing waterfalls and fir forests. This impressive landscape changes its hues in tandem with sunlight and shadows.

A hiking tour of Grand Canyon may feel exhaustive but the sheer beauty you witness from different angles is beyond words. As the terrain changes so do the scenic vistas. The views from South Rim are marvelous. Wherever you are in the Grand Canyon, you are surrounded by extraordinary picture postcard worth views. The turquoise colored waterfall at Havasu Canyon, hiking on Widfross Trail, visit to the Eagle point lookout and Grand Canyon Sky Walk are some of the highlights that should be included in a Grand Canyon tour.

Good to know tips:
– High season is from May until October. The climate is cooler during the spring months of March, April and fall season of October. The canyon spurts into vivid colors of foliage during these months.


Witness the dizzying charm of New York City

Nicknamed the Big Apple and the city that never sleeps, New York City is the world’s centre of entertainment, ethnicity, and modernism. It is one of the main hubs in the world to witness world-renowned entertainment, music and food. Often referred as the centre of the world for its multinational population, New York became a major trendsetter for other upcoming mega-cities.

Packed with amazing assortment of museums, shopping avenues, entertainment styles, dining options and energetic nightlife, you get many options to explore the city that you wouldn’t know where to start. Witnessing the pulsating vibes at Times Square surrounded by the neon glow boards and flashy gigantic screens is quite thrilling.

While you are here, do catch a renowned Broadway show. Saunter around in the sprawling green Central Park for a serene break from the fast-paced city. A must do attraction for all first-time visitors to New York is taking a ferry to Liberty Island to view the majestic Statue of Liberty.

Good to know tips:
– The best time to visit New York City is during spring and autumn.

– Taking the subway is a cheaper mode of transportation in New York. Navigating through the streets from point to point on taxis or rented cars is the best way to enjoy the city at your own pace. But walking through its avenues provides a deeper perception of its fascinating sights.


Enjoy fantastic fun days at Theme parks of Orlando

Florida is brimming with exciting attraction for a joyous USA holiday. Traveling with kids? Then Walt Disney World Resorts and Universal Studios should definitely feature on your USA These two popular world-class recreational and fun arenas offers loads of rides, themed attractions and fun shopping and dining experiences. The magic of Mickey and appeal of your favorite Universal Studios movie characters leave you awestruck and overjoyed. You can click pictures and have breakfast with Mickey and gang, watch Spiderman in action and enter the wizardry world of Harry Potter. If fantasy is not enough thrills for you, get ready to scream your lungs out on adrenaline rushing hi-speed roller coaster rides.

Good to know tips:
– Try visiting the theme parks on low seasons so that you can get a lot of time exploring the park as well as enjoy rides at reasonable rates, without having to stand in long queues.

– Another way to avoid long-standing time at queues is by taking advantage of Fast Pass service at Walt Disney World Resorts.

– For a satisfying theme park experience, stay on site in any of the Disney resorts or Universal resorts. This will let you save on costs of transfers as well as give you extra benefits and special privileges.


Experience the madness of Las Vegas

The original Sin City of the world! Everything here is about intense enjoyment. Las Vegas is synonymous with insane fun. The city dazzles brightly in the middle of a desert and allures visitors with outlandish entertainment, leisure, and recreational spaces. Try your luck at the grand casinos of Las Vegas, groove to trendy music beats, watch amazing street artists in action, enjoy dynamic nightlife and spend overnights in luxury hotels – all this is what Las Vegas has in store for you. If you get tired of all the extravagance then head to a lounge for a simple evening sipping on cocktails or get pampered in a spa.

Good to know tips:
– Plan ahead and avoid visiting during any conventions or events as Las Vegas is crowded most of the time and these conventions mean more crowd in an already jam-packed destination. It also means prices for hotels and services will shoot up.


View the magnificence of Niagara Falls

One of the most phenomenal creations of nature, the Niagara Falls is one of the most popular places to visit in the USA.

Gracing the USA-Canada border, this colossal falls extends from the USA into Canada. While the major section of Niagara Falls lies in Canada, The US side of the Falls offer its own set of enchantment. Whether you stand on the deck to view the jaw-dropping cascades tumble deep down or sail towards the torrential veils of waters and misty showers on a cruise, this breathtaking nature’s beauty will be one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of your life.

Good to know tips:
– Summer is the ideal time to visit Niagara Falls. Avoid winters as Niagara Falls gets harshly frigid and freezes during winter months. If you don’t mind the icy weather, then you can enjoy a gorgeous icicle version of Niagara Falls.

– Be prepared to get wet. The mist sprays from the cascading falls can totally drench you from head to toe.


Spend a night at USA’s spectacular National Parks

The USA has a beautiful collection of National Parks. The most renowned National Parks among USA travelers are Yellowstone National Parks and Yosemite National Park.

Reconnect with nature and its astounding beauty at these national parks on camping tours. Spend your time hiking around the towering chiseled cliffs and clear lakes, and wildlife watching. Watch stunning sunsets and lay under millions of twinkling stars on your overnight camp stay. Breath in the misty mountain air and the natural scent of refreshing woodlands on a trip you will cherish for a very long time indeed.

Good to know tips:
– June till September is high season during which the areas get a bit crowded and tour prices get expensive. Prices are low from March until May and there are lesser crowds in National Parks during these months.

– Self Drive option is the perfect way to explore USA national parks at your own pace and to take as many photo-stops as you need to capture memories of your tour.


Fall in love with fjords and glaciers of Alaska

Alaska feels pristine and untouched, its beauty is incomparable and the experience unforgettable. Fjords, glaciers and giant bears are what Alaska gets you excited about.

Denali National park’s refreshing sights of soaring snow-capped mountains fringed by green forests lets you experience Mother Nature’s invigorating char.

Enjoy a cruise on frosty Alaskan lakes, spot bears at Brooks Camp and humpback whales in Alaskan waters, catch the fascinating display of Northern Lights or enjoy a scenic drive on the McCarthy Road – every experience here is blissfully rewarding.

Good to know tips:
– June to August is high season. If you are keen on a Northern Light Viewing experience, then September is more likely to provide you with a perfect ambiance for gleaming sky of Aurora Borealis.


General tips to consider while traveling to the USA

  • The USA is immensely vast, hence it is ideal to do your homework and plan in advance. Get as much information about USA travel before you book your holiday. Refer a comprehensive USA travel guide. Know what type of visa is required for your USA trip, check which months have comfortable weather for travelling. Go through the USA calendar for any high profile events or holidays which may steeply rise prices of accommodations and ground services. Contact a USA travel expert to guide you with holiday itinerary and get you US visa online.
  • June to August is mostly high Season in the USA. October till May sees fewer visitors. Ideally, people visit USA during spring and autumn to witness the dramatic change in scenery.
  • Travel costs range from as low as USD 80 per day for budget travellers to around USD 300 and over for those seeking 4-star hotels and leisure stays in resort.
  • Understand the transport system of US places you are visiting. Local transport is a cheaper ways to view any US destination. A rental car is ideal for travelling within a USA state. Domestic flights are much reasonable and cut down travel duration when travelling from one US state to another.


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