The quest for greener energy has driven technology to previously unexplored places in the search for viable solutions to the looming energy crisis.

Nuclear power, wind power and even the power of water have been harvested to create energy, but by far the most widespread and successful form of alternate technology that has made an impact on the mainstream market is solar energy.

The sun is a massive source of energy – too much in fact – that has been harnessed and used in increasingly creative ways. The invention of the solar panel is what really caused this green technological trend.

The sun is plentiful across the globe, and these tiny panels have the ability to store and release massive amounts of energy. Not only is this cheaper than standard forms of energy that people use, it also has a far less harmful impact on the environment than traditional fossil fuels.

However, the problem has always been that these solar panels are large and always fixed, be it to the roof of your home or your car, but this amazing technology has recently been adapted for every day, personal use.

The Wonders of Using Solar Power

The modern world is facing a resource crisis. Our dependence on oil and fossil fuels is causes great harm to the planet. Luckily, solar energy technologies are advancing every year.

Solar panels are supplying the world with reusable energy that causes no harm to the environment.

Many personal solar panels will even help on a community level by offering excess energy to the grid. This provides free energy to neighbors and saves the system owner money by reducing their energy bill.

Any unused energy gathered by a solar energy system is credited to the owner by the local energy provider.

It is hard to debate against the use of solar power. Though a panel installation may require a costly upfront payment, the benefits of owning a solar power system are impressive. A solar power system will pay itself off and continue to save the home owner money by reducing their energy bill.

The Benefits of A Solar Water Boiler

Benefits of A Solar Water Boiler

There is no longer a reason to waste oil and gas when trying to heat a home’s water supply. Solar energy is free and renewable. Conventional water heaters make up a large majority of the average energy bill.

A solar water boiler would cut that cost almost entirely. The sun offers thousands of watts of power over a mere ten foot radius. That energy is often wasted as many people spend their hard-earned money on gas and oil products. It is amazing how easy it is to avoid this cost.

A solar water heater could potentially provide over five hundred gallons of hot water every single day using a free and renewable resource. The average solar water heating system will reduce a home’s water heating bill by about 70%.

That’s 70% of the largest majority of the average energy bill.

How A Solar Water Heating System Works

Solar Water Heating System

Solar heating works by using solar energy to heat water before it enters the conventional water heater.

This requires far less effort on the conventional heater’s part to then produce hot water in the home.

It is possible for a much smaller home to rely completely on a solar water heating system, but it is not totally efficient for a large family.

Though a conventional heater is often still required, the solar heating system will reduce the heating bill to a mere fraction of what it would otherwise be. All solar systems are environmentally friendly.

The Rewards of Switching To Solar Power

The rewards of using solar energy go beyond saving money. The home owner can now take pride in knowing that their home is making a difference on the environment by reducing its reliance on gas and oil.

This is a crucial time to be conservative with conventional resources. The world’s oil supply will not last forever. We are beginning to understand that now more than ever.

It is important for every citizen to do their part in helping to conserve our planet’s resources. It will provide a better future for generations to come. Consider the benefits of using a solar water boiler. Switching to solar energy will change your life.

The Piggyback Solar Powered Gadget bag

This smart little gadget gives users the ability to carry solar panels with them wherever they go, which affords them the ability to charge and run devices via a simple USB output.

The solar panels literally piggyback onto your existing backpack so that they can charge while you are out and about.

They also come with a battery pack to store some of the energy that they are exposed to. The pack can give as much as 1000mA at 5.6V, which is not enough to power huge devices, but is perfect for the devices that you need on the go like mobile phones and music players.

Piggyback Solar Powered Gadget bag

The panels are small and compact, coming in at 8” x 12”, so you will barely notice the piggyback as you go about your business.

The whole idea is that you have energy on the run that is easy to carry around, and which saves you and the environment the costs and trouble of charging these devices.

It may seem like a minor saving, but every little bit helps, and it is the mentality of making small changes that is needed to make wholesale change. Technological help like the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag is a step in the right direction.

Solar power is the way of the future. Every home owner should consider taking advantage of the endless resource that circles our planet on a daily basis.

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