Anyone Can Build Games with Google's New Game Builder 1

We have been talking a lot about the future of gaming and we believe gaming is going to be the most popular activities in the future world.

Talking about gaming we come back to Google again and again. Google is playing heavily in the market to revolutionize the gaming industry. And, of course, like everything else, Google will try to boss around.

Google has created servers like Stedia, then investing in VR to create a better version of reality game than any other. Now they are doing something very interesting by building a Game called Game Builder.

Game builder will help the most novice gamer to create a game. It’s like gaming inside a game and in the process, you are creating another game.

Although the ability to create a complex game is not yet possible, this is a starting point. This game is available both in Windows and macOS. Check it out at steam.

Game Builder is from Google’s incubator Area 120. They keep all their experimental projects there. The game builder has very positive reviews among the early testers. People are seeing a new beginning in game designing. More and more people can be included directly with gaming via the game builder.

Players are given blank canvas and characters with game elements to put into the blank canvas. The interaction is card based. So after putting a scenario and characters, you tell them how they can move, interact or fly via answering a simple question. It’s a drag and drops programming.

Anyone Can Build Games with Google's New Game Builder 2

For experts, there are options to create your own card via JavaScript. That means you can create custom behavior and modeling via coding.

For the rest of the noobs, they can choose from thousands of 3D models, scenario and already available cards. An interesting and positive thing is you can play the game in multiplayer mood and build games with your friends.

Anyone Can Build Games with Google's New Game Builder 3

The Game Builder has been available since November 2018 and got a very warm response from the users. There are things lacking in the game builder, but we are sure this is just the beginning.

Anyone Can Build Games with Google's New Game Builder 4

Think of it, you can build a game via playing a game. After that when AI will start playing the game, who knows what it will custom code and what we are going to see?

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