Freesat is the most popular and affordable way to receive free digital television service in your home. Although Freesat is a small company run by a team of 28 employees, it was created and is supported by ITV and BBC, the two largest television broadcasters in the United Kingdom. Introduced in 2008, growth began slowly, but now over 2 million Freesat receivers have been sold since that time, with new customers jumping onboard every day.

Freesat began as a response to the demand for free digital and HD television programmes by regular people just like you – regular people who are fed up with paying high monthly subscription fees for subpar channels without boring, unoriginal programmes. Freesat eliminates the largest expense in digital television service: the aforementioned subscription fees.

Over 90 percent of all people in the UK are eligible to receive Freesat programming. All that is required is a one-time, upfront equipment fee, and service is available completely free-of-charge after that. The fee is for the purpose of buying a receiver and a satellite dish. However, if you live in a flat or any other form of community residence, you may already have a satellite dish installed for use by anyone living in the building. This makes Freesat even more affordable since you will only have to purchase a receiver that can be connected to the existing dish.

Freesat Service

Freesat offers over 150 television channels, providing quality programs for everyone in your family. Standard definition (SD) channels are available in eight categories, including entertainment, movies, news, sports, movies and children.

In addition, five high-definition (HD) channels are also available from Freesat: BBC HD, BBC One HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 4, HD and NHK World HD. These free HD channels provide unmatched picture quality with vibrant colours and fine detail. Many HD programmes are coupled with 5.1 Dolby sound that takes full advantage of surround sound audio receivers.

Another feature of Freesat service is on-demand TV. On-demand service is provided by both BBC and ITV through the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Player. This service allows to you to watch your favorite programs on your schedule. It also allows you to pause, fast-forward and rewind as you are viewing. Over 500 hours of your favorite movies and programs are added each week.

Full list of channels

Freesat Receivers

Freesat receivers and satellite dishes can be purchased at fine electronics retailers located throughout the UK. In addition, many dealers have online stores, so you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can have a Freesat receiver delivered directly to your door.

Freesat receivers are currently made by 11 top audio/visual electronics manufacturers in the world, including Panasonic, Samsung and Humax. Receivers are made in three basic styles: SD receivers, HD receivers and Freesat+ receivers.

Freesat+ receivers are the most popular because they include personal video recording (PVR) features. These receivers have hard drives of 320 GB in size or higher that are used to record and store programs, allowing you to watch them whenever you desire as many times as you like.

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