Gamer all around the globe is rejoicing after Google announced their entry into the gaming realm. They showed off streaming gaming platform “Stadia” at the 2019 Game Developers Conference.

Google is not launching any new game console like Xbox or PlayStation, instead, they are trying to introduce cross-platform multiplayer gaming services. Where playing a game will not be dependent on the hardware you have.

You can play a game on desktop, laptop, tv and mobile phones. There is no console attached. So you are not limited to where you can play and where you can’t. All the rendering processing will be done on the Google cloud. All you need is a Chrome browser with an internet connection.

Basically, you do not need expensive hardware anymore. You just need a minimum working computer or mobile device.

As it is run in the cloud you can switch in between devices in the same game without losing your precious game moment. For example, you are playing a game on the PC, then you had to move outside of your home. You can easily start the game in your mobile from the same location of the game.

In addition to the platform, you can get the best experience of gaming with the Stadia controller. Like all other superb controllers present in the current market, Stadia controller from Google has the same buttons and two more specialized buttons only for the stadia platform users.

One button will help to stream the game directly on YouTube while you are playing and another button will help to summon Google assistant for the game. Of Course, dev support for Google in-game assistant must be implemented by the game developers.

Google is encouraging the developers to build games for Stadia and it seems very promising. Developers can take help from Google cloud computing to generate the environment for their game.

In the opening ceremony, they didn’t mention that the platform will be available for the iOS device also. It might be for a reason as Apple has a strict policy to sell everything via their apple store.


Let’s point out something of this new Google-powered cloud gaming service.

It will surely demise the market of consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Are you going to buy an expensive controller if you can just turn your chromecast+tv into a gaming machine?

You do not need to buy expensive hardware for your PC. Every time they release a new game you are worried if your machine is going to support them or not. But, here on stadia, all you need is a chrome browser or pixel phone.

Real-time multiplayer gaming is now getting more easier for group players. No lag and crashes during a game.

Although Google launched their own stadia controller, you can still play with your old controllers. Stadia supports Xbox and PSP controllers.


Stadia will be available for USA, UK, and Canada later this year. At first, the only game available is Doom Eternal. It will run on Stadia at 4K resolution with HDR color at 60 fps.

Later more games are coming to the platform.

Google is trying to manipulate the future of gaming for good. More and more to the developers will be interested as they can sell their game easily now. More people playing on stadia means it is going to be a huge market for online gaming.

As announced Google is making game experience much easier. Now you do not need to wait for game installation or upgrade. If you are watching a video trailer of a game from their official channel and the game is on the stadia platform, you will see a play now button on the video.

That means you can just click the button and start playing instantly.

It’s a matter of time other tech giants like Microsoft steps in the arena and starts to offer cloud gaming service of their own.

No matter what, Google’s future of gaming looks bright. They are also partnering with big companies to attract game developers into stadia platform.

Now, look at what it is going to offer really.