Nepal is a magical, intriguing country that offers visitors breathtaking views of the Himalayas, ancient culture, and spiritual potency. The landlocked Asian country is also very accessible to travelers because of their weak currency, which makes it a Mecca for backpackers who want to experience something new. Whether you want to explore the ancient temples, tackle some peaks in the thin air or enjoy a more upmarket Nepalese experience, there are travel options for any need and pocket. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration during the planning of your trip.

Royal Palace and Hindu temples in Patan (Lalitpur) – Wikipedia

Visa Requirements

Apart from Nepalese and Indian nationals, every visitor to Nepal is required to have a valid travel visa. This will allow entry into the country, but should you wish to travel to certain religious districts, you will require special documentation that allows you access. This all need to be arranged beforehand because very few visitors are fluent in the native Nepalese, and because of the geographical location of the country, moving from government department to government department is not the easiest thing to do. Having said all of that, the Nepalese people are extremely friendly and willing to help, so getting the necessary travel documents should not be too much of an issue. Also, you can extend your standard visa visitation period for $1 a day, which is reasonable enough.

Political Issues

Sadly, large parts of Nepal are involved in political tension and skirmishes which means that you will not have free access wherever you go. However, the Nepalese Government is very careful to protect their valuable tourism industry and at no stage will you feel unsafe. The war ravaged areas are fairly remote, and if you happen upon such a place during your trip you will be warned well in advance.

Health & Safety

Nepal is not a financially wealthy country and unfortunately there are a number of quite serious illnesses that you need to be immunised for before your visit. Consult your local physician before you depart about what shots you need to get. Vitamin supplementation during your stay is also advisable; although this is mostly to help you cope with the thin air at higher altitudes. The water supply is also not drinkable, so be sure to boil any water before you drink it. Apart from these factors Nepal is a beautiful exotic country that deserves your visit, and will not disappoint.

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