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Best Kitchen Chimney within Your Budget

Amongst the 8 model, we have tested and researched for more than 50 hours, the Kitchen Bath Collection Model HA75 is our winner. It’s budget friendly, suitable for most of the regular kitchen and has very low electricity consumption with less noise. If you are on a budget then this is should be your choice. Its quality is also better than some of the pricey ones we have seen on the market.


  • Very competitive price. – Brighter LED light than most of the Kitchen Chimneys – Vent-less installation possible with no additional kit.  


  • We haven’t found much cons of this product.

When you are going to buy your first kitchen chimney, you know that you are not an expert on these. There are plenty of options to choose from and you do not want to spend extra on this.

This guide will help you to choose your very first Kitchen Chimney. We have researched 50+ hours and accumulated our results in this finding.

We will try to answer some very basic question first. Like as-

  1. What is a Kitchen Chimney?
  2. Why do you need to buy/use one?
  3. How much should a normal household kitchen spend on this?
  4. What are the best Kitchen Chimneys on the market?

We hope that our discussion will help you find your first kitchen chimney and you will save money.

What is a Kitchen Chimney?

Obviously, this is a kitchen appliance. This particular kitchen appliance will get rid of the smoke, excessive heat and oil vapor from your kitchen.

Gone are the old days when a kitchen chimney was visible from the outside of your house and it was not as effective as it is now. The size it used to took has been minimized now.

In modern tech when we mention kitchen chimney, we mean that an electric appliance in your kitchen that can suck the heated air/ absorbs it and filters it so the grease particles are trape. As a result odor and fumes won’t be a problem for you during cooking.

The accuracy of a kitchen chimney depends mostly on your kitchen size and cooking habit.

Depending on the installation the chimneys can be classified into two categories.

Ducting or extracting:

The ducting type is for those kitchens that throw out the hot air outside of the kitchen. This kind of installation needs PVC pipes and proper plumbing to work. Air will be collected by the suction mouth and then carried out of the kitchen.

Quality depends on the bends and the lengths of the air collection pipe.

Recycling or ductless:

This works more like an AC. The air is sucked then filtered in two or three steps. First, the grease filter removes the oil part then a charcoal filter traps the heat, odor and other particles. After this, the air is again circulated back in the kitchen.

The initial costing for the ducting type is much higher, but the efficiency and the kitchen air purification is better than the ductless types.

Also, the ductless kitchen chimneys must be cleaned on a regular interval. Which one you are going to choose depends totally on your budget and cooking habit. If you are not cooking regularly then a less expensive ductless type is good.

For family kitchen where you have to cook every day then a ducting chimney is the best option.

Why use a Kitchen Chimney?

The use depends on your choice. If you think you do not want to cook in an unhealthy cooking environment then buy one.

Cooking chimneys keep the air clean for you. Your kitchen wall will not be damaged by oil grease and fumes if you have installed one.

Also, there is the problem of the heat-trapping in the kitchen. If you are living in flat/apartment then cooking can increase your whole apartment temperature.

Whatever you might think, remember that cooking in a hot environment is a pretty hard job. Using an apparatus like the kitchen chimney will save you from all these hassles. And in the longer span, it increases your lifespan and saves money.

So, here are the reasons why you should use a kitchen chimney:-

  • Keeps the heat down in the kitchen
  • Keeps the odor away from your kitchen
  • Keeps your kitchen wall and tiles clean and spotless
  • Health benefit in the longer run
  • It has a cool aesthetic view.

What are the best brands you can choose?

During the past years, kitchen/home appliances like kitchen chimneys have evolved a lot. Price range went down and you can see varieties of kitchen chimneys in the market.

Not every single one is up to the mark. We have spent 50 hours in research and talked with people using the chimneys. Then we have selected these winners for you.

You have to consider that your kitchen chimney size depends on your use and the kitchen size.

01 . Wall-Mounted Kitchen Hood from Kitchen Bath Collection (Model HA75-LED)

This one is the winner of our user reviews. This is a high-end wall mounted kitchen chimney. The favorite/ideal size is 30 inches wide.

It comes with a great touchscreen and LED panel. This model has three-speed selection mode depending on your need and cooking time.

It has brighter LED lights than any other model we have researched. It’s wall mounted and have the adjustable height of 23 inches to maximum 41 inches, creates a great look in your kitchen. The weight is 48 pounds and dimensions are 30 x 20 x 28 inches.

Maximum suction capacity as told by the manufacturer is 700 cubic meters per hour or 412 CFM. So, make sure this is a good fit for your stove.

If you can install it by yourself that is good otherwise you have to call for professional support. Actually, most of the chimneys need professional support to mount on the wall.

If you are ready for a ducted kitchen chimney this is the right one for you.

02. Zuhne iChorus 36 inch Kitchen Island Ducted / Ductless Stainless Steel Range Hood

This is the runner-up in user reviews. Zuhne iChorus models are a good fit for your modern home. They have both ducted or ductless installation for you.

To install the chimney in a ductless way, you need to buy the charcoal filter to clean up the air for recirculation. This is not included in the price.

The panel, design ergonomic and the stainless steel look, everything is suitable for any modern day kitchen.

The better part is ducted or ductless box includes all the parts needed for ducted or ductless install, telescopic chimney, baffle filters, 6″ duct extendable to approx. 5 feet, anti-backflow flap adapter & mounting kit.

To mount on high ceiling chimney extension is available for purchase as an optional add-on from Zuhne directly. The standard configuration chimney is suitable for normal 8.5 inches to 9 inches high ceiling.

They’re after sales service is also satisfactory.

03. CAVALIERE Island Mounted Stainless Steel / Glass Kitchen Range Hood

This is on our favorite list for heavy users. The stainless steel and tempered glass design are pretty awesome for any type of kitchen. It includes touch-sensitive control panels with LCD.

This chimney is suitable for heavy usage as it has 900-CFM Blower fan included. The general Telescopic Chimney fits up to an 8.5′ ceiling. To adjust it to higher ceilings you need to buy the extension from the company.

One thing to mention here, this chimney is in higher price range than the top 2 on our list. But, if you consider the usage then this is the best one for the heavy cookers.

What's your thought?