If you are looking for kitchen knives to replace the old ones, you have come to the right place. We were reading and researching about the various kitchen knives people are using, recommending.

In the following article, you will get to know about the best kitchen knives for your cooking. Some of these are personally tested by our team.

Some people have a hobby to collect good knives and some bought pricey knives even they do not use/need it. Before you decide to buy any knives set you need to consider a few things.

  • Is it top quality? Because we do not want to recommend you the bad ones.
  • Does the price seem OK for me?
  • Do I really need the knives set or a single one will do?

It is obvious that price vs quality will always make the difference when you are ready to buy your next knives set.

Let’s introduce some of the best knives according to the user feedback.

Best Kitchen Knives to Buy

What makes a knife best, or even good for you? We do not call a knife good only on a single skill set. Even the price does not matter sometimes.

If a kitchen knife can do multiple tasks in your hand we call it a good one. Many people buy sets of knives and most of them stay unused. Only two or three knives are used during cooking. So, buying a set of knives can also be a waste of money.

Consider the grip, materials, size and how it feels in your hand, then decide to choose the one for you.

01. Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Yes, this is a German built knife. The first one on our list. We love the Ergonomic design of this knife. This chef knife is easy to handle and has good balance while cutting, chopping, slicing vegetables. Even when you are cutting thicker meat pieces the well-designed grip will make your work flawless.

The quality of the knife is awesome and works as an extension of your cooking hand. We felt the knife in hand and tested the balance, perfect for any hardcore cook.

The German still made knife is designed to last a life time.

02. Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife 40520

Every good chef’s knife comes with a lifetime warranty, the Victorinox 40520 also has the same warranty. Those who are not willing to spend much on their knife piece, this is a good choice. Although the less price is not compromised with the quality.

This knife feels good in the hand and has the ergonomic design to have a good grip even when the handle is wet.

Particularly the Victorinox was the user favorites about a decade. We all know the quality of the Swiss made knives and gears and this is a swiss quality pro chef’s knife.

Light weight, sharp, budget friendly and easy to handle good quality pro chef’s knife. A must have tools for your kitchen.

03. Shun DM0766 Classic Western Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

Shun DM0766 Classic Western Chef's Knife

Our number three choice is the Shun Classic 8-inches western style knife. This is knife weighs and balances a little bit different than the previous two. The handle is pretty round and you can feel the polish of the pakkawood handle.

A sharp blade with good weight in the middle makes the cutting effortless. Good extension for an experienced cook who wants to do the cutting or slicing faster.

**The featured thing is it’s 22 degrees angled cutting side, some chefs like it.

It’s a Japanese style adopted western knife and better for cutting bigger fruits and vegetables. You can slice and give pressure via the lower part of the knife where it meets with the handle. The 22-degree angle is made for that. In a strong and bigger hand, this is an awesome tool.

04. Mac 8-Inch Professional Chef’s Knife with Hollow Edge

Whenever you see the dimples on the knife’s blade, you can be very sure that this can be a Mac professional chef’s knife.

The design is completely separate from any other professional chef’s knife. It seems that many famous cooks also recommend them in the kitchen. This is a true multi purpose pro-cook knife.

Being a Japanese manufactured knife Mac has a reputation to create good quality knives. You can see all the Mac knives on their website macknife.com.

If you have ever used the Global knives, you will see the similarity. The Mac knives are pretty sharp and styled as western blades. Mac knives are not forged but produced by the machine.

Mac’s product line has several good quality sharp knives for your kitchen and all of them are well balanced. Roll with the MAC MTH-80, a well-balanced and quality knife for your kitchen.

Do you need a Knife set?

When setting a new kitchen, many people rush to buy knife set. Which is almost a bad decision every time!

You will not use all the knives in your set and it’s a waste of money. What a good home cook or amateur cook need is three to four knives that they can use for all of their tasks.

Sometimes the quality is not good in the set, it’s over priced and you are not comfortable with the sizes it came with. So, why not buy them separately from good manufacturers like we mentioned in here.

Sharping is necessary?

Definitely, this is the part of the maintenance of your knife. You might have a honing rod with your knife, but remember this is not to sharpen the blade. It just makes the edge aligned before you sharpen the knife. While sharpening a knife means grinding away the steel to get a better sharper edge.

Do the sharpening if you can, otherwise, it is recommended to go to your local knife sharpener. Doing the sharping wrong can make your blade dull and not usable.

Now to a quick question, what is the best way to clean your knife after use?

The answer is by hand. The knives blade is steel material and the handle is a composite material. Just a simple soft cloth with soap can clean it. Do not forget to dry it after cleaning.

It’s not recommended to wash it inside the dishwasher.

What's your thought?