Ever I choose another camera over Nikon? Nope. To me Nikon Cameras are the ultimate brand that you can use anywhere for your photo shoot. The price is a factor for some people, but the normal cameras without the SLR, there aren’t much variation for the digital hand or pocket cameras in price.

I have collected here 5 cameras that will be within your budget. Just click on the image to see what is the price of it right now.

This one is sexy and affordable under $200. It has 10 megapixel lens with a customizable LCD touch screen. Sharing and composing pictures after taking the snap has become easy with it. A acceptable 5x zoom is OK in this price I guess.

In this price range this is a good one. But I can’t say this is the best one. If you have been waiting to buy a good quality image grabber in the dark then please don’t buy it. The battery life is not that much healthy. If you are going to take picture in the day light than it is OK. Anyway I listed it top but it is not in the top list of my choice.

Well, I a must agree, this one is better than the previous one and you won’t get the new cameras under $200. But amazon has some used and refurbished one under that price. This is a good shot for the mid level photography experts and you can feel the heat of an SLR camera with it. The 21x optical zoom and capability of taking HD quality video is also greatly appreciated.

One thing can bother you that is when you’ll try to control the shutter speed and aperture. Nikon has left it in this product. The question is can you be a gainer with this one? I think yes, this is the best you may try in this price range.

The used and refurbished one’s re under $200. This is an average one to get fro m the amazon. I will not tell you to get a new one of this.You should take Sony rather than this one if you are trying to get a new one. But the price for the old ones are attractive. This is a normal auto digital camera. I am not highly impressed with it. The picture quality and video grabbing is better than the coolpix s60.

You can find it in many colors and I am sure you’ll love the size also. This is affordable. The image quality and auto focus system is cool, battery life is better than others in this series, at least I won’t had to cry for taking 500 photos. Indoor photo quality is OK, but you will love the photos when you took them in bright day light. I love the green shots I have taken with it.

Owners of this camera are quite happy with it. price is in level or little bit more from our $200 range. New ones are more than $300. But except the price – the image quality is good. The flash is also good if you can do a little practice with it. First timer may get little cautious with the auto flush pop-up option. The 16.1 mega pixel with 14x optical zoom has something to love it. You can give it a try.

What's your thought?