This might be the largest computer monitor you have ever seen. It’s from LG electronics and it is 42.5″ with a 4K display.

LG was always good for their high-quality electronics goods including the 4K curved TV and home appliances. Considering the price and quality of their product they can beat almost anyone in the market.

Considering their good reputation this monitor can be another exceptional addition to your home system.

This is a huge monitor and this we do not use normally on our desktop. But, hey you gonna love this if you are into designing or a gamer. The monitor is so huge that it feels like a TV rather than a computer monitor.

The Split Screen

One good option our team loved about this monitor is it’s split monitor function.

If you go to the settings of the input area you can see the PBP/ PIP menu that will let you use split screen horizontally, vertically or four different screens.

As the screen is pretty large, you can actually do 4 different things on the same screen. Work and watch youtube on the same screen.

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USB Type-C

We already have the USB type C charging for the recent mobiles. Faster charging with more speedy data transfer has made it popular among the users.

This monitor has the USB Type-C ports that allows 4K video display and also acts as the charging port for laptop and mobile device.

This is a useful option of this huge display.

Problems with 4K

The display is pretty good and any gamer will love this 4K display. But when you will be watching movies, the main problem will be finding 4k content. Also, your isp must have to handle the size of the 4K streaming or download.

It’s not curved, that also can be a problem for some people. It’s not like that the monitor is bad, but the characteristics of a flatscreen monitor are you can’t view the edges very clearly.

Go closer to your screen and you can see that the monitor is perfectly fine, but due to the viewing angle, you can’t see the edges.

The built-in speaker with this monitor is also a great addition. Not like the real surround sound system, but it will feel like it has a base. Use it when you do not want to use extra desktop speakers. The sound is pretty clear and loud.

All in all, this is a keeper in the great price. Check it on Amazon. Different sellers might have a slight price difference.

What's your thought?