What if in the future our computers were not simply objects we worked with but intricately shaped and designed machines that were actually attached to us, which we could control with our voice, or perhaps even our thoughts. Sound like sci-fi? Pretty soon it might not be.

It seems Apple and Google are (not-so-secretly) working on designs for wearable computers. Not just on your wrist, but actual computer glasses that you wear like standard glasses or goggles.

Here are a few ways that computers might soon have a greater impact on our experience of the world and our perception of reality:

1. Google is looking into creating augmented reality goggles which can be worn as a head-up display.

This will be essentially a visual search tool, connected to the internet that can provide information on our surroundings. It can also help art lovers to identify pieces of artwork seen in museums and art galleries or in books apparently (they’ve teamed up with the MET in New York). I imagine this sort of tech could also likely include maps, details of shops, and maybe definitions of objects if needed?

Google is looking into creating augmented reality
Google is looking into creating augmented reality

2. Apple is developing computer glasses which can increase memory and aid in overall cognition.

This is pretty cool and could in theory potentially lead to technology like Geordi Laforge’s visor in Star Trek (or maybe that’s just me being hopeful). While this technology is obviously still in the very early stages of development, it is conceivable that it could lead to new vision correction and enhancement technology, aid in Alzheimer’s, or help in other ways. I’m quite excited about this one. Imagine an addition to your cheap prescription sunglasses that could let you gain memory, insight, and perhaps better vision all around!

3. Apple is also developing glasses-free 3D technology and holographic images that we can interact with.

This is taking the already developed (and cool) technology that makes the Kinect work but making it more accurate and able to identify finer motor functions and details. The idea is that we’ll be able to play games and interact with holographic images in real life. If this technology is added to wearable tech and computer glasses, it could lead to holographic games that kids could play outside in a park or other such intriguing possibilities.

Computer-enhanced eye wear such as “Google Goggles” and Apple’s memory enhancing prototype may be a while in the making but wearable tech is already on the way. Computers you can wear on your wrist like a watch will likely hit the market soon!

In the meantime, glasses wearers will have to stick with classic glasses to help improve their vision.

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